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Shoaib's searing inswinger rips through Ponting

Pakistan quick Shoaib Akhtar was on the money with this thunderbolt, clean-bowling Ricky Ponting at the Gabba in 2002


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  1. Inswing at 150k in a fast track!😯😯😯 nothing could have done or else save lbw


  3. See the fear in the eyes of ponting

  4. Pointing has a weakness for tall bowlers who can bowl inseinger at speed from 130 + ishant sharma also troble him

  5. Shoaib akther ka ek he spell 10 baar dekh chuka hon esi channel pe

  6. That's the reason*Aussies* don't sledge them

  7. When ever you want to see how fat bowler should bowl you can see shoaib akhtar bowling!!!!

  8. through the gate of ricky ponting excellent inswinger😀😀

  9. Onething I admire the most about this channel is that the videos are not biased. I mean this channel appreciates the talent, the skill and try to show it to the world. Being Aussie is just not a requirement for this channel to showcase a player's potential. You are doing a great job already, both on and off the field. Best wishes for this channel. Love from Pakistan ❤️

  10. 150s kmph was his almost an average speed

  11. Nowdays fast bowlers should learn the aggression and attitude of fast bowling from shoaib.

  12. Zaheer Abbas
    Javed miadad
    Babar Azam
    Mohammad yusuf
    Imran khan(c)
    Saqlain mustaq

  13. Brett Lee tried his best in his whole career to cross Shoaib Akhtar speed but he never done it. Akhtar always got extra pace in Australian pitches but Brett Lee was fail in Asia .he was only great in Australia .

  14. ECB are much better than you

  15. Outclass ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. The last Pakistani bowler who can win u the game single handly after Waqer and Wasim now we have bowlers who can not even dreams of picking 5fers against top quality sides.

  17. Ponting was just trying to get out of there…he couldn't pick up akhtar's pace

  18. 151.1kph now u Think Naseem is Tearaway Fast Bowler 😁😁😁

  19. Shoaib Malik is still playing 😂😂

  20. We don’t see such great contests between champions anymore.. Sad!

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