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Shocking Video Shows Migrant Children Dropped Over Border Fence | NBC Nightly News

Surveillance video shows a smuggler dropping a 5-year-old and 3-year-old girl over the 14-foot fence before abandoning them. They were rescued by Border Patrol agents, appearing unharmed.
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Shocking Video Shows Migrant Children Dropped Over Border Fence | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Welcome to Biden's America. …

  2. I wonder how many children coming over will be trafficked…a lot unless criminals are stopped..and the child welfare people..some of them a in the trafficking business cause it's such big money…Biden will be asking where the children are so he can go "visit" them..

  3. Return them to their country. Taking it that their mother is illegal too?
    Otherwise, the kids would be here.
    We are teaching law breakers its okay.
    Punish today, save a life tomorrow and I am meaning theirs.

  4. Kamala has no children. She won't understand this in her womb..

  5. What kind of mother can watch this? Of that's right, I forgot, there is no such thing as maternal instinct because gender is fluid or something.

  6. What a twisted story, I bet you can make a documentary about why he dropped his kids over the wall, and you'd all be crying. They just got dropped into the best future they have going for them. And you shame them. Shame on you. You really think he didn't know they would be picked up and cared for?

  7. So that's how China treats the Uighurs. What wait sorry, my mistake, that's how the biden government treats children.

  8. So the USA is just a big forestation to leave your kids and we will take care of them forever. Bring back Trump asap!

  9. this is happening everyday

  10. Really say thanks to biden

  11. How much longer are we going to allow this to happen !!! Biden should be impeached and held accountable for invoking this and inviting them to cross the border illegally !!!

  12. Yet Biden admin says there is no problem

  13. what about kids in cages with covid? see ted cruz video on it

  14. American vote to Biden , don't cry about what he doing Right now , biden won american have to happy All 😂😂😂😂

  15. Here's my question if they found the mother in New York is she legal is she supposed to be here? Because apparently she's just been brought over here cuz she has a three-year-old in a 5 year old so is the mother legal probably not and the American people are paying for their being over here

  16. This is on Biden's policies. NBC, you know it, and we know it. When are you going to do your job and quit sugar coating President Biden's "if you can get here you can stay" policy? Oh and tell Lester Holt there are two sides to this question, and he's certainly pushing the wrong one here.

  17. invitation from Biden…. build a wall, they going to go over or thru…. our under…… Its all good, just give them a vaccine, they are escaping covid…..

  18. If there is that many unknown coming in the country. Every one better have there emergency supplies ready so your not depending on the Government.
    Looks like they have all the taxes payers money spent!!
    Just where is all this money coming from?
    They can only print so much paper money before they call it a bust.
    Pretty much every one is spending to just get by.

  19. The Cartels love old Joe Biden.

  20. Biden s is treason against our country

  21. Don't matter my family didn't fight every war this country has ever been in n paid taxes since the british for to give it to someone that never paid a cent to this country, american people come first

  22. Impeach biden hes killing kids jesus

  23. Its so sad whatbis happenung my god stop this

  24. O sad why are peopke sending rheir children over buden newd to stoooed this he is encouraged rhis


  26. As a ""Ward of the State in the 70s I'm here to tell ya these FOSTER HOMES ARE FOSTER HELL$ IN AMERICA""" You wouldn't believe the monsters they let become foster parents 😡

  27. 'We can't have a flood pf unverified migration comIng across our borders' – B. Obama 2005.

  28. You get what you voted for.

  29. What if the border patrol had not seen these girls? What was the real plan?

  30. Whata joke these Biden people are! Pathetic just like they're Bullhorn media low life reporters who refuse to acknowledge this! 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧
    Confront them all IN PUBLIC!

  31. Those poor kids awwww😭😢

  32. why not create a city (under the management of a US specialist) at this location on the Mexican side?

  33. Obviously that is not the mother in NY – how pathetic people are to have these children and expect others to pay for and take care of them. The countries from where these poor children are coming should be fined by the UN and forced to pay for their upbringing and education.

  34. This now the time to end this. The parents should be arrested and the children turned over to the state of origin.

  35. Why don't these people either go to Mexico City or another Spanish 🗣️ bg Country like Chile

  36. The press secretary in an earlier press conference states that they won't turn away children crossing at the border and now they're literally dropping very young kids off of the fences. What did this administration expect would happen when they immediately ended the Trump policies on the border?

  37. With Ilhab Omar in US congress America will 100% destroyed by ALMIGHTY FATHER of SUPER NATURAL ..She, Rashida,CAIR was sent by Satan 2 destroy AMERICA…Mark my words…!

  38. These parents who allowed this to happen should be put to jail and deported.

  39. R u Americans law maker is so stupid /blinded by them takin advatage of u ppl being 2 kind usin children 2 cross border n became illegal ..then Very soon US will go dwn. YIN n YANG theory….

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