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Shooting rampage inside a bar leaves 4 dead, 5 injured

A dispute inside a Kansas City bar overnight led to nine people getting shot and four dead, as the hunt for two suspects continues, police said.

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  1. I have a suggestion! Send all the shooting heroes to Afghanistan.
    There they will show how cool they shoot.

  2. I tought it was in Kansas City, Missouri

  3. If u bang u gona die holmes

  4. This Latino Nationalist epidemic needs to be dealt with.

  5. Evil spirits, the Satan he is one of the beautiful people

  6. Good job. Too bad the death toll wasnt higher 🙁

  7. These dudes dressed like like 2013 wtf

  8. There should be a lawsuit against the bar for not protecting its occupants. If you’re going to disarm me, then you better have the means necessary to protect me.

  9. It was the BROWN PRIDE SURENOS X3

  10. @ 1:30 on the door looks like a no gun sign on the door again that sure stop them like it did all the other shootings that been going on in gun free zones

  11. This is why we need a wall!

  12. But it’s a gun free zone. That sign alone is suppose to stop shootings, that’s why teachers in Florida can now carry guns if they choose to!!

  13. Bet you they are here illegally.

  14. "Allegedly" = Pure Theater
    Did someone shoot or did someone allegedly shoot?
    No shoot?
    Another hoax coded 4 dead 5 wounded = 9 and of course with two shooters = 11 (1+1)

  15. Secret police, death squads, and extermination camps.
    Put the heads of perpetrators of all of these crimes on poles in front of the establishments.
    Regardless of race, Creed, or color.
    That would really be giving society justice.

  16. this is on 20 different news media, that how u know it a lie!

  17. Stories about shootings are so 20th century.

  18. I no longer fear growing older & dying. With the way the world is behaving currently… I dont want to be here 20 or 30 years from now to see how bad it will inevitably be.

  19. It's so fucked and infuriating that mass scale gun violence has happened so many times now in the US, that this is hardly big news anymore. Condolences to everyone touched by this, yet another preventable attack.

  20. Wow the first non white mass shooters

  21. Anyone still rocking that early 00's "thug outfits" cannot be trusted, that's a fact right there 😑

  22. They're not sending their best.

  23. Mexican migrants taking over the town.

  24. and this is why President Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

  25. Nice now shooter work on team

  26. The USA needs to stop its greedy corporations who hide behind the constitution. Oh let’s sell more guns so the disgruntled and the dissatisfied can go on mass shooting and the argument is; if there were more guns there this could have stopped. Lol what a dumb idea. More guns more shootings.

  27. New Joker movie blamed for shooting in Kansas.

    Maybe that will show up 🤨

  28. Two 5 foot tall cantaloupe heads with face tattoos wearing 4xxx sports jerseys had a dispute in a peaceful Latino community got it great reporting.

  29. “Both armed with HAND GUNS”
    Gun free zone.
    Sure would be nice if we had a second amendment. 🤔 oh wait! We do! But the dems are trying to take it away from us! It’s sad, it really is, but there wouldn’t have been near that many dead/injured if someone responsible had a gun to protect those who weren’t able to protect themselves.



  31. It can be a white mass shooter thought. Who knows 🤔

  32. They simply need to claim they thought it was their bar.. They'll get 10 years like Amber Guyger

  33. Those are surenos. Dirty rat bastards

  34. Look illegal immigrants. Looks like that gun free zone worked well. Lol 👌

  35. Two fat assez who are lazy ,,stupid and not white.Yep NOT WHITE. I hope they are paralyzed by cop bullets .

  36. What happened to Trump criminal wall?.

  37. 1:32 look at Stephanie’s smirk ABC news is the darkest, depressing channel to watch. I no longer stick around the dinner table anymore when 6:30 hits. Asked my Dad to have us watch NBC instead. I that lasted a day. ABC is grim to watch. 90 seconds at the end of uplift but 20 minutes of blehh.

  38. Damn chiefs lose one game and this what happens..

  39. I hope they get them before they cross the Mexican border.

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