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Shooting threats foiled, Hong Kong protests, Weight Watchers controversy

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  1. Trump lies when it's easier to tell the truth.

  2. So why China must not crackdown on protesters. Will any state in the USA not do the same to protesters.

  3. The west financial ammunition shud stop the west is the evil of the world

  4. Scowls Quit Joking Trump and get your sorry ass to do something to stop anything else happened to us!

  5. Free Hong kong. I love democracy

  6. Is there a way to set up this channel so that only America strong segment show up in subscription page ? Every night things get depressing

  7. He doesn't have to make it so obvious that he upset china ;). I guess cause he can't take credit for stopping a shooting. Always snitch on a mass shooter. Its not the same as stealing chips. Or even better white nationalist just dont do it.

  8. Julia is “So Gorgeous”. Thank You Julia for placing your gorgeous face on our screens..🥰🥰

  9. Several years ago – I heard of a young lady in NYS going to the doctor with a horrible tummy ache. She delivered twins shortly afterwards. Never knew she was pregnant.

  10. Media PROPAGANDA nobody believes in.
    Gun rights are HUMAN RIGHTS
    no number of crimes disqualifies non-criminals from full benefit of Human Rights
    Only criminals themselves would propose disarming the law-abiding from defense of life

  11. You go Weight Watchers!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. "…enough about that" – Insensitive and a sign as to why people don't value the news anymore. Abruptly cut off an important story and refer to the topic as "that", then move on to a question that was not necessary. Ask co-workers in private if you care about them ..great. But don't dismiss a protest about police brutality and the challenges in dealing with it as "that."

  13. China stop infiltrating PLA into HKP for violence and police brutality, and stop sending hitment to Hong Kong for violence and riots. US crash China Trade War and let China Yuan drop to the bottom. Wake up China! With all the crazy rich and rich billies, China is already get out of communism into democracy Leave Hong Kong alone forever and treat Hong Kong the same as any provinces in China.

  14. Notice how tRUMP hasn't said one thing about these white nationalists? I'm willing to bet if they were people of color he would have plenty to say

  15. Ai Senhor que linguagem difícil de entender. Pronunciam muito rápido 😣

  16. glaciers are not 'living' – uh who cares. the news is for morons it seems anymore.

  17. I think weight watchers doing the right thing. It will change the obesity issue our country have

  18. Sympathy should not be addressed with a glib attitude, empathy is not a laugh with sarcasm, and pain and death are not for your enjoyment, especially if your the news anchor. No smiling and stop showing us how inept your are, really basic math is a problem.

    Correct your attitude or replace them with professional and competent humans who understand you don't laugh at death. Seriously with all the humanity and intellect in the world. Shame on you.

  19. Call round lake beach Illinois PD for more information! on the ride back to round lake. Save US. tax money by calling ASAP! Too bad….for now!

  20. Aber a que horas me regresan de donde me tomaron! Era travajo Clasificado. Guei…cobramos muchos tax dollars.

  21. Notice how mass shooters/murderers (or wannabes) always are guys who look like pansy ass wimps?
    Yeah, me too.

    Fear the wimpy loser "beta male" I guess.

  22. Jay-z is a SELL OUT!!!!

  23. Lol This is what happens when all you need is money to buy guns. Doesn't matter how psycho you are, as long as you have the cash, that's the American way!

  24. What are these kids thinking,there young as hell, who the hell would want to be in a cage for the rest of your life!

  25. Maybe it's time for civil wars. Sun Tzu is back.

  26. The three young men were apprehended not because they showed signs of mental illness. It was a combination of "red flag by an ex girlfriend, checking social media, suspicious purchases of assault weapons (background check)". Successful arrests inspite of Republicans stalling to do nothing after the past mass shootings. DO SOMETHING, cowards.

  27. 2:54 wow throwing out some punches straight out from the open.
    2:59 she recovers well
    You can cut the sexual tension with a butter knife

  28. The state of policing should not be trained by or given any military help even through weapons and armor.

    Once that happens there is no democracy.

    #(ck) common knowledge

  29. Isis means CIA in English
    Just saying 😬😬

  30. I still here. Pupil Mr Busck ( MEMO ) thanks Deved.

  31. Hong Kongers stay strong my brothers
    Freedom is worth dying for !!!

  32. How I the hell you don’t know you 3 babies inside you🤦🏿‍♂️ she did some bs if you ask me 😒

  33. "dozens of rounds of ammunition" LOL

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