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Shootout between alleged bank robbers and deputies in South Carolina

A group of three suspected bank robbers were on the run from the police as the half hour car chase ended in a shootout with police.

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  1. Negro culture on display here…getting tired of it yet.

  2. But the people that owned the savings and loan broke the law on a higher scale buy videotaping American citizens without there permission, espionage ( spying)!

  3. Martin Luther King, keep the dream alive. The tax payer is now going to fund the 50 year sentence each one of these wonderful young men will get.

  4. FED time, they gone do
    most of that Time.

  5. Shaniqua, Laquita, Monisha, Fantasia, and Shanay-nay: Please Stop Breeding!

  6. Robbers : Wait It's only a prank, look there's a camera on
    Police : it is our dashcam

  7. I totally agree with Sheriff.

  8. Well now these these fools can get some street cred up in prison for the next 20/yrs or so'/!!! 🔫💰😠😡😣😢😭

  9. 0:32
    That 3rd guy was probably shitting his pants like DONT LEAVE ME!

  10. That's a life sentence in US, correct?

  11. Glad they were caught! People are tired of others too lazy to work but would risk others lives, by robbing banks and such!

  12. He talking about protecting the community wild this pigs are shooting every where in a residential street innocent people could of got killed by this careless thugs with a badge also!!!

  13. Those guys are innocent until proven guilty. Prove that shit!

  14. And the award for the worst reporting done on a story that was gifted the media goes to ABC. Well done! Not one mug shot, name, background, actual journalistic research, or any actual subject matter other than a couple video clips that the police released to them. Nothin to see here other than high capacity magazines, and instruments of death. Nevermind if any of those bullets struck anyone in those homes, or who's car it was they were flying around robbing banks in, or where they attend school, or anything else that could be perceived as investigation into this story. Just guns bad and now onto sdthe abnormally average temperatures today due to global warm…. wait, i mean climate change…………………..

  15. if you are willing to engage in a 'shootout with the cops you have already lost the game/the genetic lottery/and the rest of your life….

    …………am i the only one who sees all these shootings/fucktards pretending to be about to start shooting as either a well choreographed series of planned executions of enough of the population to make everyone start not engaging/interacting with their fellow Americans…………….

    …….HEY FUCKTARDS! Feel the need to get back at the people responsible for the destruction of the American dream ………how about you start with those really responsible………… know all of the politicians and their spawn who have profited mightily off of the wars/violence/pollution/no more unions/no healthcare unless you are rich……all the rich fuckers that will gladly watch you and your wither and die to make a penny….need to be ended…"HOW TO FIND THEM…….easy look up the top 30 richest family s in America/own/run companies in America and go kill them………… may be more difficult9or you could go a gala or a uber rich people vacation spot and take them all out there) as they have security systems and bodyguards because they know all it would take is one nut with an assault rifle to take them and their evil spawn as well……………k there ya go……………….wanna get laid/be supported financially all of your life………… the above…………trust me we will all thank you forever………………….but you have to get them all so get together with your fellow fucktards and pick a day/make a plan/AND FOR FUCKS SAKE GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Where is the follow up video with their faces? 🤔

  17. Pay attention people: they got trapped in a cul desac they could have easily taken one of those homes and occupants hostages. This is why every home owner must have a gun ready. You just don't know these days!

  18. To get rid of criminal start in O Office .

  19. So they use an Accord as their getaway vehicle? They really didn’t think this through 🤦‍♂️

  20. Its called black violence! It happens all the time all over America!
    Crime is the new black entitlement!

  21. Get rid of these people..drop them in shark infested water and let them handle the problem instead of tax payers paying for this

  22. Doin Life in prison will no hopes of parole, bye bye.

  23. Black criminals shooting at police. Where are THEIR BODY CAMERAS? Where's THEIR "TRANSPARENCY"? Demand everything, offer nothing.

  24. The only way to protect these community is to aim better mohfuka

  25. They been playing too much gta

  26. Prison…??? Immediate Execution….!!! Anything less is weak minded and the reason why we have the issues we have today. Absolutely Pathetic.

  27. When you think you're safe sittin at home watching live pd nd then u see your house on TV.😬.

  28. This is exactly why I need to get TF out of Columbia🤦🏾‍♀️ My PTSD is not set up for this shit! 🙄

  29. Yeah it's video games fault isn't it

  30. 3 rd suspect fired no shots…..fake news

  31. Caught this shit on LivePD last night lol

  32. Picked the wrong state to pull that shit.

  33. Bring back public execution. Of course had to talk about the guns,don't blame guns American. If these punks were marched through the streets,scourged then hung or shot, after the trial and appeal of course it would help prevent such violent acts.

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