Saturday , March 28 2020
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Should Pelosi have listened to her own previous impeachment warning?

Heritage Foundation senior writer Kelsey Bolar discusses impeachment, the State of the Union address and the Democratic party. #FoxNews

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  1. Nancy Necrosy, says it all. dried up everything,

  2. lsd is on her lip stick tonight! lip and lippin ? whay to many lip lickings she is going to "does" for at least a couple days. good thing VP Pence Checks Her! only see that in a video of a elk cow that wants a BULL! Pres. Trump dont Part that way!

  3. does a failed Impeachment result in an extra term

  4. Watch out for Clinton. Her speech writers are working overtime to get the 2020 nominee

  5. Pelosi should stop listening to the demons talking in her ear

  6. Get her out and in jail with Clinton

  7. we got to send sniff and pelonsi to wuhan. let corona virus and friends reason with them …

  8. The 13th district in Ohio better get rid of Tim Ryan because he wants to get rid of the Second Amendment he is against guns he walked out of the presidents speech I don’t care whether you are a Republican or a Democrat you don’t have to be disrespectful or stupid like Tim Ryan get rid of him he’s an absolute disgrace. I never realized how socialistic Tim Ryan our 13th representative to the Congress from Ohio is. Vote him out if you want to keep your guns.

  9. Actually, thanks to N. Pelosi we are all more aware this President's dealings and his partie's lack of backbone to stand up for what is right

  10. She should be tried for treason!

  11. All they wanted to do is affect the re-election of his presidency,,,,

  12. Nancy, the light on the end of the tunnel is the Trumptrain.

  13. The poster lady for term limits.

  14. She needs to just hurry up and die!

  15. Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to our country.

  16. dimocrat party is a black hole. skeletor is the black head of that hole.

  17. I predict that Pelosi just presided over her last SOTU. By year’s end she will no longer be Speaker, nor will ever be Speaker again. Her petulant, arrogant, disgusting display tonight will be how she is remembered. I can truly say with sincerity, “Be gone and good riddance!”

  18. Petty Pelosi must go ! her and all her small-minded minions .Look how she and her kind are ruining California! Clean up your act !

  19. Watched President's speech tonight, ashamed to the core by disgusting California's
    geriatric *MUMMY* long time over the hill, her behavior was so poor, low-life style, like in protest tearing up paper speech? Why CA jas so many "geriatrics"
    misrepresenting the State of California? Are they all in CA **MAD-as-HATTERS**?
    Will they continue to pollute Congress air by their putrid mind and geriatric bodies?
    When people with the strong start of serious DEMENTIA will be sent to pasture?
    RETIRED! Such shameful acts like Pelosi exhibited are belittling the USA nation.
    People vote them out, get rid of them a.s.a.p. SAVE USA.

  20. Pelosi should be publicly Tarred and Feathered.

  21. Trump killed the SOTU tonight!

  22. All of you (Trump supporters )

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