Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Siddle happy with 150 lead, hoping for 250

Australia fast bowler Peter Siddle looks ahead to day four of the Edgbaston Test and praises star batsman Steve Smith


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  1. Who’s here after Smith get a back to back 100?

  2. Is that the same reporter whom dhoni made fun at a press conference in wc 2016.😄😄😄

  3. Just 3 things Australia could be save
    -Smith have to score a Hundred
    -Siddle & Cummins have to take wickets
    -Get Out Rory Burns & Joe Root Earlier

  4. I’m English and I doubt we can chase 250, I wouldn’t be surprised if we struggle to chase 150

  5. Can anyone Explain me The 'Test Championship'?😕

  6. Delightful to Watched Decent Aussies crowd Yesterday. Hope they will be Again today for Cheering their team.😊

  7. Just Smith's Hundred Can bring Australia in the Game.
    Otherwise it's Impossible.😑

  8. Who else waiting on the TV for Smith's Another Hundred?


  9. It's not Australia v England
    Now it's Smith v England💪❤
    Go Smith

  10. If Australia make 250+ lead, then who will win

  11. Go smithy make a record of most no of test centuries i am always with you

  12. Smith is the key wicket.if England get Smith early they are the favourites.so Smith is the target for both the sides.

  13. Pls subscribe to me get me to 300 subs. C’mon u know u want to btw up the aussies

  14. Who'm ur backing
    Australia like
    England comment

  15. Go Smithy #100 is waiting you. .. 😍🤩

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