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Siddle pumped and ready for fifth Ashes Test

Peter Siddle declares he’s fit and ready to go after getting the nod over Mitchell Starc for the final Test of the 2019 Ashes at The Oval with Australia not satisfied by merely retaining the urn, declaring they’re out to win the series


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  1. Yep bringing in Siddle was a great idea. Bowled pies and dropped a sitter

  2. They have dropped the fastest bowler of the world just because he leaks a few runs. How ridiculous is that. He is the wicket taker and in trying to pick wickets he goes for a few then what's the harm. It's such a moronic decision. 😡😡😡

  3. No starc, no pattinson, ian chappell rightly said, tim paine has lost his mind, what a blunder decision..

  4. Australia have the best batsman ever and a incredible bowling attack and our England test side is less than ordinary but we still are going to draw series lol

  5. Is Australia wants to lose match
    It's totally out of my head why siddle in place of starc ??And what things keep Warner always in 11 only to score 0 ?? And Paine should keep in mind that he is a batsman also

  6. Starc batted well bowled not that good but took few wickets and provided rough for Lyon to work on. Yet they remove Starc.

  7. Poor selection by Aussie – Siddle provides not much for Australia and he could be the key to England levelling the series.

  8. I really wanted to like Paine. He is clearly passionate for the game and Australia. But he just is not a strategic thinker. All his DRS stuff ups and now winning the toss and bowling 😩. Give captaincy back to Smith. It won't affect his batting much.

  9. Even if I England wins this, pommies wouldn’t get a super over just like the WC 🤡🤡🤡

  10. Why Mitch isn't in playing 11

  11. And he will crush you temperary no 1 test bowler p cummunis

  12. I Am Australian Supporter From Childhood, But I Hope If Australia Loose It's Only Because Of Siddle. Tim Paine N Co Doing Wrong With Starcy, We All Want Him To Play, He Is Once A Lifetime Bowler, Don't Waste Talent.

  13. Please give him more matches to play so he can prove that ranking doesn't matter

  14. Why can't they try Michael nesser

  15. Only 1 ashes test from 5 test matches

  16. If he is going through his worst form of life you are demotivating him

  17. I don't like it because he is your no one bowler for many years and served many win to them

  18. I think cricket Australia wants to destroy m starc career

  19. Why Peter sidle replaced Mitchell starc

  20. This video proved that Peter Siddle will never drop Today.LOL😂😂

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