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Siegfried and Roy respond to trainer's account of tiger attack l ABC News

Siegfried told ABC News in an exclusive interview that Roy suffered a stroke during the 2003 attack, adding he has “no idea” why one of the trainers onstage shared a different account.


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  1. look all you Hollywood rich people like the dashes you face will look like plastic in 20 years if that all you keep cutting it and adding plastic in it eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  2. well them tigers were made in a lab also the show would never be able to have gone on anyway with today's SJWs worriers and animal activist the left at just the right time

  3. What's alarming is that there are idiots out there who believe these two disgusting freaks.

  4. Who would have thought that tigers would be dangerous.
    Ignorant and disgusting freaks.

  5. Animals can sense impending danger their are service animals who do just that there assigned to people who are prone to certain illnesses like Heart Attacks Stokes or Seizure they can tell if someone is about to have a Seizure or Heart Attack and will alert them the only difference here is its a Huge Tiger with deadly Teeth and when it attempted to save him he injured him YES Tigers have been known to attack but I don't believe that was the case here USE COMMON SENSE!!!!! If the Tiger wanted him dead HE WOULD BE DEAD!!!!

  6. There show was GREAT and contrary to popular belief they LOVED those Tigers and treated them well when not performing those Tigers roamed freely on their 10+ acre property and they were fed better than most humans

  7. Apparently,   in addition to being a tiger …  Manticore was also a certified paramedic.

  8. I love animals as much as the next person but these cats were raised in captivity so they dont know any other life.
    But I do believe they still have a wild instinct, they have not been domesticated like cats or dogs.

  9. This was a magnificent show, I love these two.

  10. Deborah Roberts, you're a legend yourself…and still looking sweet and fresh. Classy lady!

  11. What do u expect? These r wild animals. They don't belong in Vegas. How would u like to be caged up?

  12. That trainer will be looking for a big payout soon.

  13. Mantacore was tired of doing 3 shows a night, 5 days a week.

  14. White tigers should not exist. They are a product of extreme inbreeding. They are not usually as intelligent as orange tigers because they are cross eyed due to their optic nerves being crossed. That confuses them.

  15. That attack was so cool. Only sad thing about that attack is that both weren’t killed. Fuck animal abusers/circuses/zoos.

  16. Take the dark glasses off! Ridiculous dramatic prop 🙄

  17. Are you kidding me what a pair of disgusting poor excuse of human beings, sorry parasites exploiting once again a beautiful animal the tiger. When we’re there ever in the natural environment white tigers or lions. These sort of people make me sick to my stomach. Yet these reporters revel in their story. Sickening

  18. They were born free and should live free.

  19. It's amazing to see the progress Roy has made – keep going strong!



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