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Siegfried & Roy: Behind the Magic l 20/20 l PART 3

‘Siegfried and Roy’s’ Roy Horn talks living, training with tigers, lions: Part 3

“I’m sort of their father figure,” Roy Horn said. “I guide them through their childhood. I let them know what’s right and what’s wrong. They’re looking to me as sort of a security blanket.”


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  1. Watching that woman say they are trained not to be bothered by lights and sound is not true. Animals, especially a predator is aroused by screaming. It sounds to them like a sick or crippled injured animal, or lost or abandoned baby animals. Tigers hunt in the dark mainly. They use their camouflage to get the jump on you. Indians wear masks on the back of their heads so the tiger will hopefully be fooled that you see them. They don’t like being exposed by those lights.

    Saying they trust him and feel comfortable is so out of whack. He screwed himself by inbreeding them. They will always have problems. They go through puberty and many animals that were ok won’t be once that desire to breed hits. They change and are used to being in the wild, and nothing in their instincts can get them used to an unnatural environment. Maybe one animal you could work with, but even that polar bear guy had his wife say she was jealous of any other people. He and she were lucky the bear did not kill her. The buffalo guy says the same thing, the buffalo will charge anyone approaching him.

    Animals should not be out in those stressful situations period. I would not want a horse in one much less a tiger. It makes me sad that people’s lust for having exotic animals has now cost Florida 80 percent of its small wildlife. Raccoons and opossums, and bob cats are 80% gone because of the apex predator the python not natural to the US. Now what will we do when the python destroys the black bear, and other wild life, and they can even kill a gator.

    Yet people have trailer fulls, the hurricane hits or someone gets rid of them and releases them and boom watch your cats and dogs disappear, maybe one may eat a kid. Just like that kid got bitten by a gator at Disney. I lived next to 500 acres of state property, the gator were already over populated, then came the snakes, some so deadly the public does not even know step on one of those bye bye, no anti venom. I told those rangers hire some cajuns to get rid of them because all my cousins and friends in Louisiana are excellent snake catchers and trackers. Now it is nearly wiped out all the small wildlife. So they just caught one that was 19 feet long with 90 eggs. Yet we still have smugglers bringing exotic animals in and insects. Just put them in a prison and deport them out of the country and send them to the country they stole them from. The red triangle is awful, so is China so they kill many many tigers and exotics and have an what they call the Auschwitz for tigers in China. It is disgusting.

    They eat kitten and puppies and exotics that like snow leopards who are endangered are killed and sold for its fur. Japan slaughters the poi poi and dolphins. The sea runs red and surfers are not allowed to go in, they can only watch and try and coax the dolphins and cry, the dolphins are confused and scared. They took a white baby to sell.. I bet it died since they killed the mother. It is awful to watch while you cry. But being in a Japanese prison as a terrorist is bad too. We have to try and tell Japan to stop hunting whales and dolphins, orcas. It is just barbaric. I believe they are extremely close to humans, we need to teach the Asian world cooperative fishing with these animals. It has been done for thousands of years. That is my rant, I was gunna erase it, but then I said education is the tool to understanding. So I let it rip.

  2. Pls wild animals are not props. It doesnt matter how georgous white tigers are, i hate to see people use them for circus props. Finally one of tigers took care of Roy from annoying. At least he spared Roy's life out of mercy. Dont mess with wild animals, put them in wild where they belong

  3. It's unfortunate I never got to see their show. Sadly, with all of the snow flake animal rights pussys out there, a show like this will never exist again.

  4. its Armande Assante if he wasnt a movie star

  5. You never breed animals with their sisters. This causes major genetic problems just like it does humans.

  6. Why the repost, too many bad comments

  7. Animals are happier in the wild. You’ll never convince me otherwise.

  8. I was not expecting to see a man on a real tiger. I thought this was just CGI, he’s living the dream lol.

  9. I bet they beat the fuck out of them.

  10. White Tigers are so beautiful

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