Monday , November 30 2020
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Signs Brexit could be close

EU negotiators may be closing in on a draft of a Brexit deal. ABG Advisory Managing Director Jackson Eisenpresser discsusses what’s changed.

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  1. Jackson is a weak, beta male!… Leave means Leave, there shouldn't be a "deal". They've had over three years to work out the details. The United Kingdom should be completely Free and Sovereign!

  2. UK one step closer to irrelevance. Good for them.🤣😂😆

  3. What is bad about Brexit? if anything, it is better for the British to be their own independent country. People can still travel to and from the british area just like before. I don't get why they can't just simply go ahead and do that brexit that they talk about for so long.

  4. Have you done an episode about your SLANTED BIASED POLLS ?!! You're Faux News !!! You'll b joining ur boyfriend Sheppy soon

  5. The hope of a United states impeachment is fading fast
    The European union can't hold onto the hopes of the illuminati influenced political system keeping control

  6. Good luck in the next election to whoever ends up selling out the will of the people . You'll need it.

  7. It's been way too long The people voted to leave. Just delaying. To MANY EXTECTIONS

  8. Yeah Britain just needs to leave does it need anyone's permission you can quit paying the middleman to manage your lives now you can really start making some money make deals with America any country you want and with the EU you're totally free just leave tell them goodbye you owe them nothing and have a good life

  9. Brexit was voted for and Trump was inaugurated into the white house same time and ever since then the DNC and labour are staging a coup against the people's vote, this is treason and all involved should be hung for it

  10. Of course we don't have any deals yet as we're still technically in the eu so forbidden from making any. Duh.

  11. "I used to work for Blair" 🤢

  12. Let the eu go out then all there agents go to prison for war crimes

  13. The EU is worried other countries will see how well countries can do without Them !

  14. As an American, I hope there is no deal.

  15. There will be NO Brexit deal. There will be a NO BREXIT !! A nice clean break to break the backs of deep state enemy combatants.

  16. Military or economic war with China witch one.

  17. 👏👏GO 👏👏GO 👏👏GO 👏👏GO👏👏 GO👏👏GO👏👏 GO👏👏 U.S. IS PULLING FOR YOU GUYS.

  18. Anybody that is for the EU needs to read more history! Millions of people died to keep Germany from running Europe! The EU is run by Germany 🇩🇪

  19. Of course it's close! Oct 31 is two weeks away!

  20. Scratchy shaking voice for Shep, or what? ✔

  21. UK does not need the Evil European Union. Walk away for more freedoms and Quality of Life

  22. Oh no, George Soros is pooping his pants.

  23. Signs brexit could be close ? How about the sign that they already announced brexit will happen October 31, 2019 ?

  24. You talk as if the UK are babies. They can stand on their own two feet and will do better than the EU. Stop handing out all this scar-mongering BS. Any deal will be refused if it ties the UK back to the EU again, or takes over Northern Ireland. Best Option: NO DEAL, just leave.

  25. If anyone with an average IQ thinks we’re going have Brexit, you’re a fool , it’s hotel California, you can check in any time you want but you can NEVER leave

  26. Another fake blond loser….reminds me of trump

  27. You sound nervous… could Smith have anything to do with it?

  28. The guy being interviewed is talking nonsense that us Brits are non chalent about Brexit. We want OUT and able to do business with the US and other countries. The medical supplies are all scaremongering (project fear) by the Remainers. Of course anyone can travel to the eu at any time, you just use your passport like people have always had to. The eu is crapping its pants and rightfully so. Check out what Heir Merkel said only this morning.

  29. Here's a hint that Brexit will happen. The Queen says it will.

  30. Boris Johnson will be the greatest Prime Minister of all time, and he will make Great Britain… great again!

  31. The second worst thing Britain ever did was to let the European govt have control over Britain. The first worst thing being taking in so called refugee's from the middle east. Now Islamistan London is controlled not by Parliament as some people think, but by muslims and sharia law. A long road ahead to get your country back from Europe and the muslim controlled sharia law. And the worst thing of it is, Queen Elizabeth hasn't done anything to help rectify the situation, she has not even really proclaimed her opinion on muslims taking over that country as they have done. MAKE LONDON GREAT AGAIN.

  32. Junker is drunk all the time Melker had Parkinson disease.

  33. Tusk king of Europe is most corrupt person in Europe.

  34. Brexit is last nail to European Union coffin.

  35. Military or economic c with China witch one.

  36. An Intelligent person never pays to leave a room.

  37. Lesson: Never surrender your nation's sovereignty. Not even a little.

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