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Simone Biles blasts USA Gymnastics for failing to protect her

The four-time Olympic gold medalist spoke out in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal, saying, “You literally had one job, and you couldn’t protect us.”


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  1. The 40 that didn't like this , MUST BE PHEDOFILES ! 🖕🏾

  2. I can't believe she is still crying and complaining.
    I don't believe USGA intended to have this happen and blaming everyone who passed Dr. Nasser in the hall or sat next to him at lunch is ridiculous.

  3. Motherf*** … if they didn't turn a blind eye, these poor girls wouldn't have suffered all this!!
    Brave girls 👍💪

  4. Now she’ll end up marrying a white man……… I bet any amount of money !!!!!

  5. The reality is, no occupation gives "safety" towards sexual assault. Thank you, Simone Biles, for speaking out. Every time someone speaks out, society can take steps to become a better place for everyone.

  6. i hope now that put in policies that if an employee is arrested or under investigation, to tell every place where the individual works or volunteers at. Its the right thing to do

  7. This is NO different to Jeffery Epstein….but the enablers here are getting away with turning a blind eye!! I thought the country was meant to be the "greatest"? Its pretty "great"….if you are a sexual deviant & rich…..& white!! 🤔

  8. I respect Simone Biles tenaciously and gallently standing up to the USA Gymnastics for failing to follow up and protect her from that creepy pedator. She is speaking from a vulnerable human beings perspective in which she represents so many USA female gymnasts. She is a gymnastic goat gold award winner. God hand is on this African Goddess! Look at the favour of God on her gymnastic skills that defy all odds that were against her.

  9. Simone shut the hell up no one cares that u got raped

  10. Hire female doctors. Hire diverse doctors. Believe claims of sexual assault, even if it is only one. Most of the times, there is more than one

  11. I hope that dude gets wrecked in prison

  12. This is why I love Simone so much. Under all of the huge skills, the history making, and the clean sweep of competitions she's a human being. She has anxieties, and has experienced situations that she will carry with her forever. She truly is a fantastic role model! We love you simone!!!!!

  13. LoL get real….they want money from your sponsor ship. They dont care about you but the money. Capitalism look it up. So if you are to do something do it for you not them.

  14. I don't blame you simone biles🤔🤔

  15. Epstien is killed and main stream media keeps it going! PERIOD

  16. Our Women Gymnast are true Champions for going out there to perform for us while enduring the horrible secrets they were forced to keep. Shame on all the organizations that was supposed to keep them safe!

  17. That's good both genders being held accountable.

  18. 0:34 I didn't know Mama June was there

  19. Hopefully he is killed in prison.

  20. So why isn’t USA gymnastics airing any of Simone biles routines on YouTube in tonight’s national championships. They’ll “support” her speaking out. Disgusting!

  21. The Olympics is a part of that same international child trafficking group, just like the Catholic Church and most of the rich families with old money.

  22. Oh no, Simone Biles! What's happening to her and how long is she going to her World Gymnastics Champions in Stuttgart, Germany?

  23. Well gender is just a “social contruct,” so I guess she should just protect her damn self! This whole story stinks like rotten fish << ughh!

  24. Girls team must have woman coaches

  25. She's washed up already

  26. Don’t worry Simone that sick 🤒 monster is locked 🔒 up for life !!!!! You are a very bright , smart and brave young lady. So many young people look 👀 up to you . I am so very proud of you . Love ❤️ you 🙏🙏❤️🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️👍

  27. Thats right. Protect our warriors

  28. I love how they say she struggling to heal then they show 1 of the best moments in her life they try to do little slick shit

  29. I thought this happened a while ago. What changed? To be honest I feel like this is Simone trying to be relevant again.

  30. Bullshit, you need to watch for yourself and make sure your support group is there to support you.

  31. You have to be really desperate to want to molest this she boom tr@nny. 🤢🤮

  32. She wasn't abuse she wishes

  33. Channel Redirecting why they don’t want you to know true black history and why it was rewritten

  34. Why are male doctors treating female athletes?

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