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Simone Biles pulls out of Olympic team gymnastics final

Team USA ended up winning the silver medal.

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  1. I feel bad for the girl that didn't get to go to the Olympics because Biles shoehorned herself into the team.

  2. All the jealous people in the comments

  3. I bet most people bashing her are white and trump supporters
    Whose in bad shape and eat too much Big Macs
    Don’t listen to them

  4. I think they call it “Team USA” and NOT “Simone biles USA” maybe the team captain should be the coach and not a contestant. These are humans and NOT animals like lions that have a male lion at the head of the pack. The team captain should not have so much power as to be able to Sabatoge the entire team. And maybe there should be a backup captain too. In any case these Olympian’s should have a mental evaluation to prove they are capable of such a responsibility. Olympian’s from other nations have allot of pressure on them to WIN and are shun in there own nations when they don’t WIN. Its NOT just Simone its the entire Olympic system. These participants have allot of pressure not just to represent but to WIN. And I think America should take the rains and point this out to other nations that is NOT about WINNING but celebrating human ability to be your best. Its NOT just about humans but the machines and devices we are building and testing. These devices we test in the olympics are to help humans perform their best. Biles should be ban from the Sport, She is unstable. She needs to take care of her medical condition. The Olympics should not be allowed to be a Stage for people who want to make a political statement or MONEY making stunt.
    What if Biles is BLM and just wanted to stick it to the Western Society Olympics ?

  5. What a fucking loser 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻😂😂💩💩

  6. Shes a quitter, and a loser. She couldn't perform when it really mattered and leaving wad the easiest thing to do. That sucks for someone else who really wanted to be there and compete

  7. Stop being distracted. There tornadoes, flooding, locust, large hail, the great river Euphrates has dried(Revelation) , fire, wars and rumors of wars, Nation rising against Mation, Kingdom against Kingdoms, pestilence etc. repent of your sins, turn from your wicked ways, accept Christ as your Savior, known that the Most High has raised Him from the dead, be baptized. Love your Creator with you whole heart mind and might. Love your fellow man. Forgive your brethren, pray and pray . The beginning of sorrows is here

  8. She should be shunned. She won't recovery from this character attack.

  9. guess theres no need to watch gymnasts now skateboarding looks pretty interesting😊

  10. Simone Biles is a bad-ass gymnast NO DOUBT. But, mental illness doesn't just show up one day and say "Hello, darling, here I am, now deal with me." Her psych eval during the Olympic quals and trials would have exposed this. Someone is to blame for this situation — either Simone or the US Olympic Committee or both. Bottom line is that she quit when the team needed her most. Unacceptable. (Oh, if you want to see true grit, go back and watch Kerri Strum straight nail her vault with a sprained ankle. I doubt any of today's snowflake athletes could pull that off.)

  11. She is not number one at the Olympics. Get over it, go home, find employment.

  12. Who cares ?? I’m sick of seeing this news about her all day long 🙄

  13. I wonder for how many more years they will do the Olympics. Seems like most people aren't even aware of it and the fact that in America you have to pay to watch it is not helping.

  14. And??? It is no ones business but hers.

  15. Perfectionist do this ,one mistake and you quit.

  16. Brat! She doesn't deserve to be praised for quitting!!! It is the Olympics. Not JV! What a whiny brat. And the talking heads supporting this are just enablers of a generation with zero backbone.

  17. Amazing so proud of her! Far to long this sport has put the physical and mental health of little girls to the wayside. She will make a difference in this sport. She is still the greatest of all time no matter what happens. I hope she finds her peace and no matter what she chooses she lives with no regrets.

  18. Shame! To be an Olympian means you try your best for the team and the country .. even if you lose. No guts … I have mental issues. Whippy do!!! Disgraceful. That's the problem with the new world of do what ya want! You shamed USA!

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