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Simone Biles wins fifth world all-around title l ABC News

The American gymnast made history at the world championships with gold in the individual competition, her 22nd career medal at the event.


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  1. She hasn’t won everything since 2013 she lost the beam final

  2. Way to go Simone. Simply awesome and there was nothing arrogant about your response. I don't know why this reporter consistently said so.

  3. Praise GOD for HIS GOODNESS!
    Beyond and Beyond Gifted Simone Biles in Gymnastics 💝

  4. Simone is making the United States look so good right now that America should feel ashamed for discriminating and mistreating young women who look like her.

  5. I just adore her! She is so amazing and beautiful. God Bless and continue to protect this young lady.

  6. IM WAITING FOR TOYKO 2020 !!!

  7. i think she has 25 now 😭

  8. Simone Biles is so amazing !!! 👏👏👏👏💚💚💚

  9. Do you really think she has the corner on gymnastics? Well, here is a little amateur perspective from 80 years ago, repost this every where on the pandering MSM if you agree it’s THREE TIMES AS GREAT as Simone!

  10. por ser de América les hacen demasiada publicidad….la están comparando con la Nadia….Nadia ,acababa las figuras sin paso alguno. Simone ,sale fuera del espacio , y aun así , gana el oro . tiene una muy buena técnica ,pero la artística es Zero……aparte esto , no tiene ninguna salida limpia…todas van con pasos o saltos hacia atrás….NADIE COMO NADIA….NADIE…..

  11. This is kind of like Jeopardy! James compared to what Biles has won in worlds. James Holzhauer has won 32 games on Jeopardy! Totalling almost $2.5 million.

  12. Boyfriend lucky to have her that's for sure .

  13. 25th🥇🥇🙀🤗after Today’s Performance 🥰 and Many More to Come Can’t Wait for the Olympics 2020🤔😍🥇🥇🥇🥇

  14. Gravity to Biles=Gods gift to us #24

  15. Simone be careful.
    Tjose white people will find a way to attact u

  16. And she's old by gymnastics standard..

  17. Her and Shawn Johnson are my favorite athletes.

  18. You don’t know that you have made it until you have a hater(s)

  19. This young black women is not on drugs you all need to stop. Is it because of color or just plain jealousy. Stop the bull has worked hard and earned everything she has received hours in the gym.

  20. More power to you my sister! All glory be to God! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus for such a gem!

  21. Congratulations!! Simone is Queen 😘❤🔥💃🏿

  22. Wow impressive Simone 🙂 & I know that you will shine next year ! She’s the GOAT

  23. Well done, Simone! You are absolutely brilliant at what you do and truly deserving of all the medals you have received.

  24. QUUUUUEEEN Simone 🥳😌

  25. Umm. Don't like the word 'littered'.

  26. Druggie! Ban the midget drug cheat!

  27. Love has got this young Queen jumping and spinning all kinds of ways into something beautiful

  28. OK, who's going to play her in the movie?

  29. 2:07. Those legs. I’m jealous. But she is such a positive role model for all races. Hard work and determination will always pay off. Since 2013 she hasn’t lost an all around competition. That’s 5 years. Where’s her Wheaties box ?

  30. Where them white Brits with their poison? lmaoooo

  31. How does she do it? the question is well the answer is God God has given her a special gift and that has opened up so many doors for her

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