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Simone Biles withdraws from all-around competition in Tokyo Olympics

U.S. gymnast Simone Biles withdraws from all-around competition over mental health. FOX Business’ Susan Li with the latest.

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  1. Wait and see what happens to her mental health when he sponsors start pulling out on her.

  2. Who cares ?
    We're missing a chance ?
    Get a life.

  3. Maybe some like minded congresswoman will follow her lead!

  4. They're making so easy to root against them.

  5. Unfortunately she did quit on her teammates she should’ve known this along before she got there very disappointing

  6. If you're a runner and you're having a bad day, you might lose the race,
    if you''re a gymnast, you might break your neck and be paralyzed for life.

  7. I realize that it’s a lot of pressure performing on the world’s stage and I can understand her being shaken by that vault, but every Olympian deals with that. If she didn’t feel like she could handle it, why didn’t she step down before the Olympics and let someone else have a chance to compete?
    After all of those years of training, I guess I at least expected her to try her best to compete. No one could ask for more.

  8. You folks look up Shun Fujimoto, Japanese gymnast, 1976 Olympics, now he was a champion. Not Simone.

  9. Weak women smarter than men but run under fire

  10. She had been a powerhouse before the woke broke into her backbone. I hope one day the wokeness wakes up one day and hates themselves for how much degredation of so many bright souls they caused

  11. She must been scared that is was going to lose

  12. I wish O’Biden had done this three years ago.

  13. So, she’s not up to all of what it takes to be an Olympic competitor? She should have to withdraw from the rest of it and forfeit all her performances then. If she can’t hack the mental part then she wasn’t ready for the Olympics. It would only be fair to everyone else. She’s too emotionally unequipped, she shouldn’t be there. She just wants her way, that’s all this is. Don’t give it to her.

  14. Ppl really expect someone who’s experiencing vertigo to twist and flip through the air and risk their health? This isn’t “not showing up for work” or “Tom Brady calling it quits at halftime” like I’m reading in the comments lmao there is a legitimate chance she could hurt herself. Plus, she’s doing what no other gymnast have ever been capable of.. I’m pretty sure she’s a bit more knowledgeable than you folks.

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  16. Anyone here consider she knows her own body? maybe that landing jolted something out of whack that she knows if pushes it could lead to permanent injury? God bless her for listening to her own needs; and for continuing to encourage her team of friends as they continue to love on her.

  17. Poor baby , give someone else a chance .

  18. We have another word for quitters: LOSERS

  19. She has been under tremendous pressure for years now. Undeniably the best, if she feels she needs to step back, good for her she deserves our support.

  20. As an American I know longer care about the games the woke have spoiled it for me!!

  21. Never thought I'd see the day that literal Olympian athletes would chase the Gold Medal of the Victim Olympics.
    This is grand-stand virtue signaling, Millennial style. She saw how much glory Osaka got for pulling this stunt, and decided she wanted a piece of that pie too.

  22. She’s a quitter and it’s shameful and disrespectful to let her team down and as a USA Olympic athlete period what a disgrace……

  23. I thought people wanted us to keep politics out of sports I guess that's amother lie

  24. Thank god her mental health is ok to cash endorsement checks.

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