Sirens Sound As North Korean Missile Flies Over Japan

North Korea on Tuesday fired a ballistic missile over Japan for the first time in five years, forcing Japan to issue evacuation notices and suspend train services.

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  1. Just attack North Korea. They are only want to get attention but not brave to attack.

  2. I was there 5 year ago during the last one. Did not understand, till some people states side called and asked if I'm alright

  3. How convenient for the japanese government with this missile especially when they want to rearm again.

  4. Keep pushing and one will be real soon for a certain country.

  5. This is what happen America, Japan & South Korea often have military exercise practicing bombing near North Korea.
    U can't blame them. This is their response.

  6. This is an act of terrorism.

  7. Japan before ww2 and japan now

  8. I'm surprised China has not invaded North Korea for the billions of dollars in natural resources they have underground and are too stupid to get. Um, those that he has not radiated making his tests. Instead Dictator small *ick wants nuclear weapons that everyone knows that if fired would end the world as a whole, including him. If he gave up his arms, made peace and sold those natural resources, he might be one of the richest countrys in the world.

  9. COVID in the air and Nuclear bombs flying over head.
    School kids and salarymen driven to suicide by too much work.
    Wonderful country.
    Japanese minds are getting destroyed.

  10. Kamala Harris said we had an alliance with North Korea! So we don't?

  11. This wouldn't have happened under Trump.

  12. Jesus, what a world we live in – This reminds me of the beginning of that 80s movie The Day After.

  13. These type of missile test seem like they are trying to dull the reaction time and preparedness of a country and it's citizens before a real attack.
    Basically, make them believe it's a run of the mill bluff and then surprise them with a real attack lol.

  14. Communism is trash, Islam is an illness, both should be erased from the face of the world and everyone else would live happily ever after

  15. NKorea since it started to develop its nuclear, has outlasted 12 US Presidents,..

  16. To me the worst thing is the impotence. My fiancee is working in Japan, I am in Spain and I can't go there for the moment…

    So God, protect her

  17. Why did Kamala Harris say the USA is in a strong alliance with North Korea?

  18. This is it, this is how it ends

  19. One of the worst sounds ever. Nightmare hauntingly frightening

  20. I feel so bad. Japan shouldn't have to live in terror like that.
    We are in very shaky times.

  21. Humans will be the doom of humanity

  22. India's best friend japan Japanese people innocent and peacefully people so Indian people and government always with you don't panic Japanese friend are

  23. eventually once japan gets hit or south Korea gets hit war will happen but it will end very quickly. and i think south korea should take and rule over north korean lands

  24. Lil kim is as unbalanced as donnie… wonder if they're still goin steady…🤔

  25. So glad we have such a strong alliance with NK huh

  26. This is exacly what I did say on my childhood, there is not enuff space to play in the city for us, then of course big boys need big toys.

  27. And Sleepy Joe's response…ZZZZZ….

  28. People in Japan knows you can’t run away from Nuclear weapons. Because America has killed hundreds of thousands of people in Japan by Nukes.

  29. Well, Kim chong un needs something to do between shoving greasy burgers down his gulllet.

  30. Thankfully no one got hurt but I'm really terrified Kim jong-un is planning something even deeper and deeper something that will launch our closest allies somewhere that the government or presidencies won't know I could tell Kim jong-un he's planning something I know it

  31. Isnt this happened before like 5-7 years ago?

  32. If I were China and North Korea I would be scared shitless to see Japan revert to its militarist roots. never mind the fact that they now have the United States navy backing them up. 95 hours and both of them are dead

  33. North Korea really likes causing a ruckus in a peaceful country…

  34. Not only that, JP authority has evacuated some people in the missile trajectory path.
    JP is played like a token by the NK.
    JP feels like a dead duck in the waters and regretfully involves into the european war by siding with the troublemaker USA. (Secretly pleading to RUS for mercy)
    The U.S is still living in its dreaming world of untouchable even the death could come into her eyes.

  35. Wow! USA shoots a rocket 1 million miles into space and hits a rock orbiting an asteroid. NK shoots a rocket and hits an ocean…very impressive. Ukraine has used Russian tanks for sale (some may contain meat). Tank parts and food for NK. Bon appetite.

  36. Remember back in your school days when the bumbling geriatric teacher show up as the substitute, and all the bullies and bad kids snickered and took over the classroom?

  37. Covid was the begging of fauci end of days.

  38. Calm down kim not that stupid

  39. Empty threats as always they just trying to get attention

  40. Japan should fly one back… 👁 for an 👁