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Six candidates shortlisted for India's next coach I Daily Cricket News

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  1. 1. Ravi shastri
    2. Tom moody
    3. Mike hesson
    4. Phil simmons
    5. Lalchand Rajput
    6. Robin singh

  2. Please don’t make Ravi Shastri head coach

  3. What is the former captain of the women's team doing in the committee? Forced diversity? That's one valuable place in the committee lost, when someone like Gavaskar, Srinath or Dravid should have been included. Such a shame.

  4. With due to respect the other coaches except Shastri ji,u guys will be rejected once again,next coach will be once again that arrogant,lousy and Kohli's best friend Ravi Shastri.please one request to u guys from next time on wards don't apply for coach post at least for India's men cricket.

  5. How many times has Moody applied? Not many interesting names in candidates.

  6. Kohli nd Shastri chorrrrrrrrrs

  7. With all due respect for the selection panel… I wish they make their decision with interest and growth of Indian Cricket by selecting any of the 6 other than Ravi Shastri.

  8. Please upload 3rd odi preview in Hindi


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