Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Sizzling Starc sends down unplayable yorker

Caleb Jewell was the unlucky victim of a Mitchell Starc seed, with the Test quick smashing the young Tasmanian on the foot to have him plumb lbw in their Marsh Sheffield Shield game


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  1. Reminds me of Akram at his best

  2. Who bowls better Yorkers

  3. Yorker king……. only Stark

  4. That's remind the perfect yorker bowled to Ben stokes in CWC 19

  5. Finally Starc bowled a good'un

  6. Starc fan's
    Hit like here

  7. Who is best bowler,Bumrah =like,starc=comment 👌👌👍👍👌👌

  8. This is starc.. Reverse yourker

  9. Missing leg, off and middle.

  10. Haven't seen swing like that with a red ball from stork for a while

  11. His nickname shall now be storky

  12. Batsman not at all surprised because he knew what Mitchell starc is capable of…

  13. I thought Tony Stank was good, this is also great. Mitchell Stork.

  14. Mitchell starc is ridiculous sometimes..

  15. Going to be unpopular, but, going down leg side.

  16. That's what we call in Cricket as "An absolute peach of a delivery."

  17. Starc is best in the world

  18. Starc is the best bowler in the world for now

  19. I am a bowler and I have got inspiration from Mitchell starc for cricket

  20. Batsman's head position is all wrong. Something he needs to improve on.

  21. Jeez, Mitchell Storc's done him in with that peach.

  22. 1st view 1st like 1st comment..!! Mitchell Starc😍

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