Skaters glide over translucent ‘ice window’ lake in Alaska – ABC News

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  1. The temperature of the water would kill them in minutes. They would be risking each other’s lives- beautiful dream- but so dangerous.

  2. Where are the fish? WHERE ARE THE FISH!

  3. Must be moving water to create that cool

  4. oh!! that is sooo freakin cool.

  5. So if they do fall through, they will be able to find the hole 🕳 they fell through? 🤔

  6. . You're scratching the water…🤨

  7. All I want 2 kno is y do such a dangerous thing I mean wt do u want your love ones to think with u skating on egg shells

  8. Thats one of the coolest things I've ever seen !

  9. Not translucent at ALLL! thats the ENTIRE point they were making. Ice is almost always translucent. This is the exception. The ice NOT being translucent is whats fascinating about this video…

  10. How do they know if it’s safe?

  11. Now someone has to get a Zamboni machine out there to remove the scratches. 🙂

  12. UAU que lindo 😮 tão translúcido que vesse cada pedrinha do fundo, espetáculo 💯👏… Eu é que não sei se tinha coragem de me por em cima desse gelo assim tão fino 😬… Mas eu mal consigo andar de patins tem lógica não ser boa ideia para mim fazer o mesmo,mas aqui é gente boa de patins 😅😅 lindo demais parabéns 💯🇵🇹

  13. So lucky I wish to be there

  14. That almost looks creepy…beautiful…but creepy.

  15. Awesome. I love the ice skate.