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Skilled Smith bowls off-spin AND leg-spin in Shield return

Thrown the ball for the last two overs before lunch, Steve Smith bowled his usual leg-spin to the right-handed Marnus Labuschagne and switched to off-spin to the left-handed Matt Renshaw on day one of NSW’s Marsh Sheffield Shield clash with Queensland

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  1. He is bowling with w different actions

  2. I’m surprised spinners haven’t tried this more over the years.

  3. Labuschagne be like: we'll make our country proud.

  4. Unfortunately you can't use the snail batting technique in bowling.

  5. Ashwin taught him to do that in IPL

  6. And yet still mediocre at both. Stick to batting mate.

  7. This camera position is unusual and foolish

  8. Noooo… He got out for a duck in his shield return

  9. Any way to stream this? The quality is impecable for a domestic match

  10. Good to see the best players playing shield cricket.

  11. where is the spin here? he mostly pitched it up & the batsmen connected the ball before the ball could do any tricks

  12. Great batsman 👍..
    Great bowler 🤣…

  13. smith is a freak but this really isn't that hard

  14. Inspite of bowling off spin he should try googly as its better and legy can bowl comfortably

  15. Love watching his goofy run up!

  16. He is too good and I love him and hiss styles😘😍😍😍

  17. Next thing you know, he'll be taking the new ball and swinging it round corners.

  18. Steve Smith Is the first Australian liked by more indian cricket fans😊 love from India…!

  19. Thumbnail nail looks like videos from 80s

  20. he used to bowl a lot better in his early days.

  21. Anyone know what channel the shield cricket is on?

  22. sure its cool and all but is this really highlight/news worthy?

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