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Slingshot ride cable breaks seconds before aerial launch l ABC News

Two friends who rode the “Vertical Accelerator” in Panama City Beach, Florida, tell ABC News how one of the bungee cords ripped to shreds.

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  1. Why not just go play in traffic?

  2. They off the hook for now!! Final destination is comings

  3. Thats why they are there right, Adrenaline!? They got some alright!

  4. Why do they always want a comment from someone they probably know they wont comment on something

  5. This comment section is filled with idiots.

  6. In about 10 seconds you will be screaming, which is the last thing you will ever do. Now smile because news outlets across the country are going to play this for a while it breaks the internet. Enjoy!

  7. This is why I don't do rides like that.

  8. 1:47 bruh I wasn’t expecting Winston Churchhill

  9. I’ve watched too much final destination movies to not get on these rides 😆

  10. Thanks for the tip, i ain't getting on that shit

  11. Still want to do the sling shot though

  12. Excellent way to get rid of illegal immigrants shoot them back to their country 😂

  13. This is like the sixth one to do that. When will they learn, your actions have consequences.

  14. Bridges have collaped that were built as a one part fails then it falls, nowadays if a beam breaks on a bridge its fine because there is layers of beams, these type of rides should have like 20 cords on each side so if one fails it wont affect n e thing, prob like 50 cords on each side. It bouncing on one cord after the other broke didnt look insanely dangerous but its unesasary for that to happen.

  15. That’s why I don’t go on that thing

  16. I wouldn't ride something like that. Nope ain't doing it

  17. No one can see this supernatural event here?? it was even caught on camera! God is good!!! Always working in the background even when we don't know it. ❤ Praise be to Yeshua…our living and powerful loving God!

  18. The news anchors are so fake hahah

  19. And that why I don't fuck with rides.😅

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