Sunday , April 18 2021
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'Slow The Testing Down, Please' President Mocks COVID-19 As 26 States See Spike In Infections

President Trump blamed protesters and the media for a smaller than usual crowd at his rally in Tulsa.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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‘Slow The Testing Down, Please’ President Mocks COVID-19 As 26 States See Spike In Infections


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  2. No masks in that crowd. Probably cases in that crowd.

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  4. I can name Kong Flu. CHyna Plague.

  5. Am i one of the few people who actually thinks that Donald was joking here? Come on, that was funny.

  6. It's beyond disgusting for him to complain about not receiving credit for "saving hundreds of thousands of lives". He thinks the 200k+ deaths so far is good, because initial predictions were over a million deaths. Well, now he's pursuing a herd immunity mentality, which NECESSARILY means that hundreds of thousands more will die. Take 60% of 330 million, and assume a case fatality rate of 0.5%, that's 1 million deaths. We're only 20% of the way through this disaster … god help us all if this man gets another 4 years in office.

  7. And then 4 months later, he tested positive for Covid-19.

  8. NBC and its followers are clueless. Blame Trump because Soros told us to destroy him.

  9. If I was a health official, I would test everyone!

  10. Slow the testing down, please! Wow.


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  12. Meanwhile: 200,000 Americans dead

  13. Keep following the heard sheep…
    Trump 2020

  14. Slow the testing down, please. That will be played throughout the election season. It’s all over for Trump.

  15. It's all about Trump getting reelected and not doing anything about Covid

  16. Republicans: “Why are more Americans not proud of this country and all she stands for?”
    People: (see above video)

  17. Joe is 2 yrs older than Trump. Woopy. But he doesn't have the saggy eyes Trump has from a poor diet. Joe can run up or down stairs with out thinking about it. Age means nothing. It's how you take care of yourself. And having hate in your daily life will age you big time.

  18. Let's face it. We have a president in office that has no real intelligence. But when he starts killing our soilders. Look out.

  19. Have you heard anymore on this case? And your Not Going to???

  20. PLease before You down Me, Please read this its long but it's the Real Truth. Believe it or Not.

  21. Play stupid games you get stupid prizes

  22. Trump has blood on his hands

  23. Stop testing your self trump

  24. Lol! Play the WHOLE video! You lefties will buy anything.

  25. Kick that crazy man out of the white house now… Dont wait for the election by that time it's too late..

  26. Biden says his remark about voting and being black was a joke. That's ok
    Trump jokes about slowing down testing in gest….. Media attacks him
    Seems like a double standard.

  27. What is the point of blaming? scapegoating? Your words Mr President are going to cause racist actions against Chinese Americans? Why do you continue to sow division? Please stop. May god in Heaven have mercy on us all. Lead us not into trumptation and deliver us from Dirty Donald.

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