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Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Washington Highway | NBC Nightly News

Officials say the plane had to make an emergency landing because of a fuel system malfunction. The plane landed safely and no one was hurt.
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Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Washington Highway | NBC Nightly News


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  2. If only every emergency Aviation Landing went this smoothly…

  3. If I were there I would have asked for a ride

  4. There is a song… "God be my pilot"

  5. Your nuts to fly in a model airplane

  6. The cop was just itching to shoot the pilot.

  7. The future of flying cars is looking bright.

  8. The pilot's garmin says, "You have arrived."

  9. This stunt earned the pilot a prison sentance of 25 years and $2.5 million bail.

    So pilots, dont try this

    "just a prank bro"

  10. License and registration please…

  11. "Do you know why I pulled you over this evening?"
    "No, officer."

  12. Will at least he didnt run a Red Light.

  13. Did he go when the arrow turned green? LOL!

  14. "fuel system malfunction"? Is that the same is "Did I remember to put gas in this thing?"

  15. The majority of the comments on this post are extremely stupid

  16. steps out of plane and answers cell phone

    "No, Roman, I don't want to go bowling."

  17. Whomever handles your social media has a whacked out schedule that leaves your viewers EXASPERATED!!! Do you honestly think everyone that watches you is a slave to TV and cable??? You have tons pf internet viewers WHY do you make them wait so long to post 23-24 minutes of news???? I keep saying this yet to deaf ears it falls……I know 16 year olds that manage social media pages more efficiently….you are the only news I watch, I guess I can start getting used to the idea that I will stop watching even you now…..sad!

  18. The pilots' like, "Aaaahhhhhhh ooooo, a papa murphy's."

  19. Wow ! A NBC NEWS report I can believe, and not a word that it is Trump's fault. Wow, just wow.

  20. " you are at three-quarters of a mile, call the ball"

  21. Fly the Friendly Skies over Washington.

  22. Bigger n bigger n bigger, lmao. Was it a UFO ship?

  23. I know this was a serious situation and all ,but the visual of the cop knocking on the plane window was hilarious

  24. "Is there a problem officer?"

  25. he stops perfectly at a red light and gets pulled over by a cop. lmao

  26. At least they did not get him for a running a red light.😀

  27. Not a good business man, high advertising fee, long shipping, there is no better way to hit yourself on the wall, drop shipping on your own website will drain your banks.

  28. Landed that great considering the circumstances. I hope he'll post some inflight footage.

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