Smith, Cummins fire as NSW give the Vics the Blues | Marsh Cup 2020-21

Pat Cummins starred with bat and ball and Steve Smith scored a century as NSW opened the 2021 Marsh One-Day Cup with a win over Victoria


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  1. Aus need more this if they want to be no 1,,,else ipl and t20 blast had shown us the result

  2. I also begin an international cricketer like Steve Smith

  3. Davies scores nearly 85%of his runs by pull shots

  4. Extraordinary hitting by steven smith

  5. Love cricket
    Respect cricket

  6. Amazing game
    Amazing play by Smit
    He played in accelerated mood

  7. Miss North Sydney Oval. Great place to play cricket.

  8. I think the cameraman's has got Parkinson's!!!

  9. Poor camera result looks like cell phone camera

  10. DWARSHUIS action is like a left handed BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR

  11. Smith's IPL audition but sold for so low price

  12. In Every shot commentator saying good shot good shot

  13. Camera man outstanding work

  14. How many members think england vs newziland 😁😁

  15. Didn't look like 90s jersy of India

  16. Smith u r the always champion 👍👍

  17. 2:54 sublime – feel good, when Smith plays good.