Smith, Labuschagne pass 200 in mammoth Aussie total | Australia v West Indies 2022-23

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Aussie pair Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne secured the rare feat of scoring double centuries in the same Test innings, propelling the home side to a mammoth 4d-598 on day two before the Windies survived a late onslaught from the Aussie quicks

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  1. They should not have declared, there was loading double ton of Patty too.🙄

  2. England showing how to play test cricket, not australia did yesterday!!
    They took 2 days to score 550, and England took just one day in their away conditions.

  3. Let's not forget Smith got caught cheating, so how many centuries did he do that in.

  4. Stuff that T20 rubbish. This is Cricket. 👏👏👏🇭🇲

  5. Well played West Indies openers keep going you'll do it definitely 👍

  6. I am see the legend chanderpaul 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

  7. These 2 double hundreds vs 4 England centuries

  8. Bowled for 99… How stiff is that!

  9. It's crazy how if u put these same guys, roach, holder zahri and seales on a pitch at home with a Dukes ball In their hands against pretty much any opposition. They'd get wickets. Just unbelievable

  10. More power to Marnus & Smith: There was little they failed to capitalise on; WI bowlers started well, but declined & field placings were inadequate. They need more slips, gullies, close-in catchers & a third man. Even Aussie field settings need to be more aggressive. With the current lead, they need to think ala Warne & be happy to concede a dozen boundaries & bring the men up if it will induce catches around & behind the wicket. Windies batting has been impressive: Chanderpaul caused them to change tactic from full to short, hence he made them think negatively, ala Crowe with Wasim & Waqar. With the family swagger and intuition of a technical master, Chanderpaul can elevate WI, who just need to deliver. Both teams require patience, focus & determination.

  11. Steve Smith makes batting looks so easy.. Take a bow legend

  12. An encouragement for England to do even better on day 2 against Pakistan in Rawalpindi starting at 506 for 4, Ben Stokes 34 not out and Harry Brook 101 not out. In 1938, England made 903 against Australia with Len Hutton scoring 364. How about it Ben?

  13. where was Warner runs for the taking, fail

  14. 100,,200,,300,,500,,who cares,,the captain of Australia cheated,,, lied about it,,n let a debutant in handscombe take the fall,, have we forgotten Smith is a cheat?…I haven't…

  15. Chanderpaul was out for 4

  16. That fielding looked wrong.

  17. Wokeness is killing professional sports.

  18. Chanderpaul looks like one for the future, hope the WICB don't be bias towards him like what they did to his father.

  19. Like father like son

  20. 2:53 looks like a throw when you see the side on replay

  21. When getting wickets are hard to come by…runs flows the ground…

  22. Smith is one of best test bateers" in the world

  23. How underwhelming can a sport get?

  24. Wow mightily impressed thus far with Chanderpaul's dogged resilience against some ferocious display of fast bowling….
    Looks a nuggety batsman ala dad Shiv…..

  25. Head must be really kicking himself right now…

  26. Match is Aus Vs WI but all comments from Indians

  27. Well done young Chanderpaul, show those aussies you've got some fight in you 😤👍

  28. ay ay watch how u hittin teage before we send a delegation of unfriendly faces , lol
    but u c u hit him and he hit yuh back , ok but remember wixby turns to
    ferigno eh, jus get him angry

  29. you need pace to win in Australia. That's one of the main reasons why India managed to do it twice in a row. England had 120 ish bowlers, and from these highlights seems like only Joseph bowls at a decent pace. Mickey mouse bowlers deserve to be smashed around.

  30. bred by the tiger built for west indies cricket, welcome young chanders ,your a warrior like your dad an mom must b proud. so keep it up and the ppl will luv u as we do shiv ,blessings bro

  31. I thought Aussies liked cricket, looks like hardly anyone could be arsed to turn up