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Smith talks us through his double century

Steve Smith fronts the media after recording a brilliant double century against England on day two at Old Trafford


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  1. Smith is taking best of best 😍😍😍😍🙋

  2. The best test batter in the world.

  3. smith its time pass sachin tendulkar you can do it quiet easly

  4. Indians please jerk off to kohli in your own time. He’s not even a part of this game.

  5. Happy to see this champion back where he belongs scoring runs at the highest level. Can’t keep a quality man down for too long.

  6. Party Rocked by Sir Steven Peter Devereux Smith ❤😍😎 Huge Fan from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  7. Absolute legend of this format 💥

  8. What a player. Misses a year, makes up for it in 3 matches. Best test player of our generation.

  9. I don't know why people are comparing smith to kohli. There no comparison between both of them. He is the best. So critic just have to accept that and don't ever ask who is better smith or kohli because if you are a cricket fan you already know.

  10. Best batsman scored only 140 in 3 test matches in sa before get banned 😆😆 and then did cheating practice 😂
    King scored 280 in 3 test matches but didn't do anything to win
    Best batsman(smithy) score runs only in home and eng (poor bowler ) failed in bang ind sl sa wi

  11. Congratulations to Steve Smith on smashing a consistent 3rd Ashes century yesterday at Old Trafford!!

  12. Reporter: why this time double century
    Smith:because i missed one test match so one was pending then total 200 😎😎

  13. #who deserves the 1st ranking




  14. English weather can f right off.

  15. When life gives you a Second chance, this is how a comeback is meant to be!!

  16. He's so humble when he speaks!

  17. Shane warne just now told virat is the best batsman on the planet all formats

  18. His mental toughness his better than anybody else in test matches👍👍

  19. I'm indian but big fan Steven Smith…

  20. Smith is better than birat kholi in test cricket 💞..who is agreed with me?

  21. You are a lovely charm brother.
    What a great talent you have,big salute to you..
    Wishing you a lots of success come ahead in your life..
    Sometimes bad happens,but in return if you work hard of course you achieve great rewards.

  22. test cricket is real cricket.. smith is much more better than show off king virat kohli…

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  24. Hit like👍 for Virat kohli ☑️
    Comment 💬 for smith ☑️

  25. Smith fans like here😍😍😍😍

  26. Smith better but Virat kohli best batsman in the world…
    Who agree with me?? 🤔🤔

  27. Who is the Best in Test Cricket?

    Like – Steve Smith
    Comments – Virat Kohli

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