Smoke from Canadian wildfires creates an air quality emergency

Seventeen states on the East Coast received air quality alerts as the fires progressed. WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH THE WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: #abcnews #worldnewstonight #canada #wildfires #airquality

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. How do 48 fires start 100s of miles apart in Canada simultaneously, if it was arson what was the reason and by whom ?

  2. You know what forest can’t burn down?

    The ones you cut down to build houses!

    Which would also lower housing prices.

    But no, we rather end in the same place, with less trees, with the bonus of air pollution and without the houses. Cuz politics.

    Clown world. 🤡

  3. Earth liberation front lights the place up

  4. Man made emergencies for man madw control

  5. โลกคนมีแค่หนึ่งแสงเท่ากันหัวอัจฉาริยะสูญ คือไรเชิญงง

  6. 3สัญญานทำเงียบไม่เหลือคนอ้างอนาคตแน่ๆแล้ว

  7. Mask time AGAIN!! Canadians youtube postings saying the Country's leaders planned Arson! Satellite images show fires starting at the same time!

  8. These feckless morons are all concerned about air quality which people can escape from while they ignore the fact that tens of millions of animals are being burned alive.

  9. Men they setting forest fire..

  10. You should of build a wall for the smog as well. 🧐

  11. Thank you feminist firefighters for creating a massive blaze thats ruining east coast air. Go F yourselves, useless c unts

  12. If the powers that be are always saying, "follow the science", why do these hypocrites not do what they are saying? This is not climate change but poor forestry management. It seems that money, power and politics are more important now than science or has it always been this way?

  13. Terrible pollution, endless shootings,…
    Palestinian/Syrian: USA finally taste some of their own medicine

  14. Very sad. A rich country is in danger, put out the fire quickly. I think the gods of the world are angry. Stop the war that kills people in Ukraine and Russia. Help bring the two countries to peace without war. God bless you all.

  15. ABC lying about the Reichstag fire

  16. Stefo douche liberal scum

  17. Hey Democrat stay in doors you don't have enough brain cells to survive the smoke. Ps paper masks don't work you f-ctards

  18. If you believe We Don’t Have Enough Airplane And Military Support To Stop This Your A Fool. They want to kill us

  19. I bet you they are putting that ammonium nitrate that was stolen off the train in it smoke is not red like it's showing in new York

  20. you talk like canadian are responsible for this hahaha 😂

  21. I am in a city beside Montréal Québec and I have little to no smoke💀

  22. if you live on the west coast you would experience this for months on some years.

  23. Yet, the far left will blame cows farting!!

  24. Keep listening to these clowns

  25. They need to keep ratcheting up the fear! All it takes is a few matches and a compliant media.

  26. There have been 3 major ones here in Canada

  27. I think these things are done on purpose

  28. Ok… Is this a new plot for depopulation???

  29. Who started the fires???

  30. Someone saw on the satellite multiple fires being set off at the same time in different areas. Someone is doing this on purpose

  31. oh no a big campfire lol stop being a bunch of bitches ffs

  32. They did it. They burn their own forest 😂😂

  33. What happens if you’re pregnant and have no choice but to leave the house and go to work? Feel so bad for all the homeless people, the elderly the children 😢 Prayers to people who lost their homes and even family to these wildfires 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  34. Eu odeio dia de chuva,quem diz isso deveria ser preso.

  35. I am in Maryland and it affected my area I guess I don’t know


  37. Chillin inside with my new badass air purifier at 4pm haha

  38. I’ll bet money it’s all planned out arsonists