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Soccer star Carli Lloyd considering kicking for NFL team l ABC News

The U.S. women’s national team star told “GMA” she’s considering trying out for a role as a kicker after kicking a 55-yard field goal at a Philadelphia Eagles practice.


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  1. They'll never let her get touched… she'll never b put in a position of having the ball . . They say if it fumbles run the other way …

  2. Guys, be reasonable. She has a SHOT, and if she wants to EARN a SHOT and life long paralysis, then let’s give her the chance! Her body her choice.

  3. Please sign her PLEASE. It will be the experiment the woke left needs. When they see her get PLOWED by Aron Donald ( on the field ) and ends up with 33 fractured vertebrae, we can lay to rest that men are physically equal to women.

  4. At least hire an ATTRACTIVE bitch ,,,and younger too!!! That way if you tackle her,,you could squeeze her tit and diddle her slit a little and get away with it..this over the hill lesbo whore has NO attraction to men

  5. Wow.. great kick with no pads and a running start like a kick-off. The pros should be able to take a running start. We would see a 70 yarder.

  6. It would be very confusing for the defenders because they would have to hold back

  7. “ I played in world championship, in all pressure” well they were running at you… please get out there and get knock the fuck out one time…. pls pls pls I dare you. Lol with that running up… you’ll be block ASAP

  8. Hey MEGAN RAPINOE!!! You want equal pay, try out for the NFL.

  9. Wait a minute!!! She is 37 years old. Nope. She won't last more than 1 season if she makes it at all. Too old.

  10. I have more respect for Carli than Megan Rapinoe. I hope Carli makes the NFL and gets equal pay. Better than demanding equal pay without earning it.

  11. Carli is NOT considering playing in the NFL. She is considering TRYING OUT for the NFL. Big difference.

  12. With all due respect, anyone soccer player succeed as an NFL kicker.

  13. Do they play soccer just for women ?..sounds sexist

  14. People need to stop this nonsense, she has zero chance of making a team.

  15. I just want to see the return man get loose…and it's just him, and her!

  16. Most guys can kick a football this far and they don’t get signed. Please sign her this will be hilarious

  17. So she makes a couple field goals and she’s getting nfl offers while Destroying is kicking 55-60 yarders with ease and been practicing forever and gets 0 offers! WTF

  18. Good luck to her. She just needs to be able to tackle in emergency situations

  19. That's what happens when you call soccer football, they get confused.

  20. Come on is this for real quit giving her all this attention please she is a soccer player and that should be kept as that please

  21. Lol sjw stupidity. Some times the kicker has to tackle and block. Also zero chance of a fake field goal play.

  22. Yas girl! Women power 🤟

  23. Good luck when she has 300 pound dudes jumping in her face and at her feet. A lot easier to kick when it’s just a long snapper and a holder and no other distractions lol

  24. Here we go again, when do men get to try for women's sports?

  25. Ok she’s good but she’ll never be in a nfl player she’ll get wrekt but ok that be fun to watch

  26. I was there for that game against Portugal they did so good all the fans went crazy and it was a really good experience and they won

  27. Until she gets killed on the field

  28. Best learn to hit and take a hit

  29. It's sooo sexist that women can't play with men in all sports. It's sexist to divide us. One sport for all. NO MORE FEMALE SPORTS. JUST UNISEX SPORTS

  30. Or make a WNFL. don't ruin the NFL more than it already is. Or have the women play in the LFL. WE DONT NEED MORE STUPID ASS RULES IN THE NFL.

  31. …. until they takle her…

  32. I cannot wait for a man to legally hit a woman on National television…this is going to be fantastic

  33. It will never happen. They’re too many younger, more athletic men that can make the same kick.

  34. New NFL Feminist rule 101: you can't hit a girl.

  35. So she'll be on the kickoff squad? better have a backup for when she gets folded.

  36. @ 2:36 Strayhan says "a lot of teams can use her." That's embarrassing, Mike. Really? Man-up dude! You are the NFL pro! Tell us again how an inexperienced walk-on can beat out pro NFL kickers with game experience. Shame on you Mike.

  37. Yeah. Now try it with 70,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs, 99 other players counting on you along with MILLIONS watching at home, in shoulder pads and a helmet whilst having 5 300 lb men running towards you. Highschool freshman do this shit all the time and yall niggas praising this bitch? Lmao. Give me a fucking break. When will you piece of shit girls finally understand? Like goddamn quit watching movies and believing fucking fairy tails.

  38. Shame on NFL's consummate "pro" Michael Straham for NOT debunking Carly Lloyd's ability to actually have a chance to make an NFL team as a kicker. Man-up, Mike! – you might be hog-tied by your broadcast position, and your PC position but, well, ya-no, man-up dude! Your true opinion will only make you stronger and more credible.
    I've lost respect in you you Mike as you pander to the politically correct, that is, to NEVER go against a woman who aspires to play in a male's pro field. And, your broadcast position dictates that you can't argue on air. Again, shame on you, Mike!
    Before you SJW dis me, think logically… we're talking the NFL mind you – where any pro kicker has to compete with other pros, or the cream of the crop of college rookies, who have been perfecting their FOOTBALL craft at least since high school.
    Seriously, as much as I love Carly and USA women's soccer, she ain't got no chance in NFL. No-brainer. Argue, you Y-tubers if you dare.

  39. What happens the first man who hits her trying to block the field goal? Are the defenders going to back off just because she's a woman? Sure, it'd be a penalty. But, it still happens.

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