Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Solar-Powered Water Wheel Cleans Baltimore Harbor | NBC News

John Kellett’s water wheel has already pulled thousands of pounds of trash out of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and could be the solution for cleaning trash pollution in waterways around the world.
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Solar-Powered Water Wheel Cleans Baltimore Harbor | NBC News


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  1. para mi eso es una gran idea pero pensar que en el mundo existen los recursos necesario como para poder implementar una flota de barcos con un sistema parecio al que se visualiza en el video y asi poder mitigar los impactos por el plastico en el mar… osea nose si son estupidos o simplemente quieren que el mundo se llene de plasticooo

  2. Thank you, boys, this was a fantastic idea, and one that definitely works!!!!

  3. do they have one to pick up the /l/iggerz

  4. This would be wonderful to have for every city on the water. They should have hundreds of them by the ocean beeches – big problems for the environment and fish. Where does the trash go when the container is full? Does a barge or boat come to empty it and haul it away?

  5. This is a good innovation! I hope this continues.

  6. God bless you for caring and doing something about the problem you saw.

  7. But the underlying point is, maybe we need to look for an alternative to plastic

  8. sorry, I couldn't understand. does it collect the garbages which are in deep of the river?

  9. boyan slat's horseshoe collector broke …maybe a water wheel is needed

  10. OMG I am going to meet him in my field trip

  11. As a Baltimoron I applaud you. The Jones Falls was once a thriving shad and herring stream in the spring before it was killed in the early 1900s.

  12. We need you in the Philippines, we are cleaning ocean Bay

  13. I present in this my science exhibition and tell name of inventor


  15. This is great, But I can't see how it works. When the wheel turns, how is the plastic being loaded onto the converyer belt? Is it sucked up? logs should be allowed to stay in the water, and organism use logs for live in. IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE DESTRUCTION OF TROPICAL RAINFORESTS, THEN USE ECOSIA.ORG AS YOUR INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE. It plants tropical trees as you search.

  16. One word, BRILLAINT!!!! Thank you so much for this amazing
    Machine, the Marine life will be eternally thankful!

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