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Soldier accused of plotting attacks on news network, Beto O’Rourke

The FBI focused on Jarrett William Smith, stationed at Kansas’ Fort Riley, after getting a tip he was allegedly using Facebook to share information on how to build bombs.



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  1. Beta is a 21st century civil war monger, a political opportunist (using other’s tragedies for personal gain), & a Senate loser. He’s a swine, & his odds of winning a 5 state Power Ball lottery are far better than Beta’s chances of ever winning the Presidency. Beta is a non threat, & a simple imbecile who (unfortunately) was born with an extra chromosome that renders him pathetic, funny looking, & absolutely useless. Lastly, a single 9mm, reloaded, range round holds more value than Beta which makes the juice not worth the squeeze.

  2. its wasn't that he said he was going to do it that got him in trouble, there are thousands of posts everyday on youtube, facebook, etc with threatening comments, it was the information about building a bomb that got him popped.
    You have got to love that Beto finally said what everyone knew was the truth. After years of "We arent going to take your guns". He finally dropped the lies, and manipulation.."We are going to take your guns".
    Well, who's going to do it? Local law enforcement? In LA, NYC, Chicago? yes, maybe..But states like Texas, Montana, Kansas, Idaho, etc. the local cops arent going to go and take firearms from neighbors, friends, family. The Feds? There are only a few thousand feds. There are over 30million Americans with ARs, another 12-15million with AK, HKs, FAL, M-14s, mini 14s, etc. Even if .1% fought back we would run out of Feds quickly..So who?
    Death to Tyrants…Come Take…sign a SAG/AFTRA Hollywood liberal.

  3. What about CNN and the blue screen Jihadi Jon fiasco? People are still on here saying all attacks are fake and done by our government to bring on gun bans.

  4. Lies and propaganda.
    Some old made up individual with the red hair code. Just dumb if you people believe this stuff.

  5. Air force should have bombed cnn 20 years ago.

  6. this man is a would-be hero, not a terrorist, but a hero

  7. Shhh, don’t call my cellphone it’s traceable… Let’s talk through Facebook! 👍

  8. So much for asking the military to help the government to conficate guns.

  9. He wanted to assassinate beto…Fucking let him. Let him kill em all. They're communist scumbags trying to turn this country into a socialist hellscape. fucking let him.

  10. So now are thrown people in prison for talking trash? In my opinion you should have let him do it. Fuck CNN and beto

  11. This is 1932 Germany and the American People are falling inline, with their 1% lords & masters propaganda. It is truly The Time of the Gentiles and you cannot stop them, until their time has been fulfilled. I still think that the really smart brain of traitor drumpf will start a war, declares Martial Law, and ends elections. Then you will not have to worry about self-rule anymore; the 1% donor controlled senate will back the puppet! So get your favorite Corporate Flags out, it's only going to cost millions of your children! Just close your eyes and return to your Reality TV, FakeBook and your Flat Earth. Watch as drumpf's biggest distraction is to come. MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN, I mean Great. The only question left now is, will you bow down and take their mark? Still don't get it yet, understand your place in this world of the filth of man.

  12. Liberals are the real terrorists

  13. It says accused. Dumb azz comments

  14. If I ever see Beto I'd like to punch him in the mouth for thinking he can take free American men's guns but assassination is a bit much..

  15. It truly is common sense if you want to build a bomb, thank God most people lack common sense.. Get on Amazon and buy an old Infantry handbook and the basics are in there.. God loves the Infantry..

  16. Tell me again why only the military and police should have guns? Tell me why we shouldn’t be able to fight back against a trained person like the military? Yeah no thanks, I’ll keep my guns and protect my family no matter the cost. I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6. I’d rather have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have one. Gtf outta here Beto stay outta Texas.

  17. Shame that he’s in the military

  18. why CNN XD there rating are down in the toilet

  19. ABC won’t show the pic, but just so you all know……. HE’S WHITE

  20. He was doing right. The news has killed our country and ruined millions of lives . Nothing wrong here

  21. Gee, didn't have to guess to much about what news station was targeted.

  22. Ahahahahahah the american civil war is starting

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