Thursday , January 20 2022
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Soldiers Surprise Their Siblings With Military Homecomings | Militarykind

Siblings are built-in best friends. We’re so proud when they fight for this country and the moment they come home is truly priceless.

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  1. If my 16 year old sibling joined the military she would never hug me and I’m 10
    She hates me for wanting to be like her 6 years ago

  2. I'm not crying you are

    sniff :^:

  3. When i saw that the little girl running to her brother i started crying……

    Because that remided me when i runned to my brother but hes not with us anymore(when i was younger,)

  4. Since i was 4 years old i wanted too be in the army now i em 16 and i Stil wanne be in the army and when i get 18 i Will be in the army i promise Marines anyways thank you for every thing

  5. none of my family served but I’m crying wtf

  6. This was so beautiful it vrought me to tears

  7. The dislikes are just Australians trying to like it

  8. MoM StOp cUtTiNg oNiOnS aT 10 aT NiGhT!!!!!!!

  9. Oh frick here come the water works-

  10. Who ever dislikes this video obviously doesn't know how awefull it is to lose some one in combat


  12. I’m crying I’m soo happy my cousin is in Air Force and I miss him soooo much so this warm my heart and knowing he will be home

  13. I cried happily knowing millions of people died including my dad

  14. My mom was in the military but she sadly passed away…;-; this video made me cry I miss her so much sometimes I wish she'd come home again.

  15. Dang hopefully my dad does this

    But when he gets out of prison 😂😂

  16. Oh my gosh ok I'm going to hug my sister

  17. I am crying cause I wish I can see my brother for the first time 🤧

  18. Just some wholesome content before I go to bed

  19. I want to be present when something like this happens so I can cry with them

  20. I started crying on the last one thinking about how lucky I am having my dad come back from being a marine and thinking how I would act if this happened to me because I love my dad so much if he didn't come back idk what I would do without him

  21. my brother is joining the army and i already had to deal with my dad leaving for the army when i was younger but i rarely get to see my brother cause he has another dad

  22. Why do I watch these I’m torturing myself😭😭☹️

    I always cry like if you do to😭

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