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Sole Survivor l 20/20 l PART 1

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 20/20: https://bit.ly/2AK1Y0h

After authorities discovered women’s remains stored in barrels, they arrested John Robinson for the murders. Although Lisa Stasi’s body has never been found, her daughter Tiffany was found alive.

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  1. Why did God ignore the five people stuffed into barrels – because there is no God but believers jump on any positive news and ignore any bad news.

  2. the girl on the thumbnail looks like Monalisa

  3. Saludos cordiales paz bien verdad justicia adelante excelente información!!!!!!!

  4. When I 1st seen " Munster IN" I thought it said my hometown " Muncie " 😲

  5. Day 62 of Curfew in Kashmir 8 million, facing daily Terror, no work, no
    school, no food, no Medicine, no communications, etc Please Help call
    your Congress Rep or Senator

  6. Day 62 of Curfew in Kashmir 8 million, facing daily Terror, no work, no
    school, no food, no Medicine, no communications, etc Please Help call
    your Congress Rep or Senator

  7. Talk about eyes of a predator! Close like a Lion!

  8. Ok..how old was Tiffany then? ..this is confusing/Sold her?? Without Birth Certificate….😲

  9. Ironic that Robinson has all the physical traits of a transgendered female to male.
    2:06 & 2:28 depicts the physiological characteristics of a female;
    Virtually straight forehead, no obvious eyebrow Ridge, Close set eyes, shallow bone structure around eye sockets and cheekbones, no discernible jawline, no visible protruding trachea, small ears, overall small skull, narrow sloping shoulders and receded chin.

  10. Wtf? Why is Fredo narrating the story? You seriously couldn't find a more reliable person?

  11. This serial killers are not getting caught coz police are focused on the wrong things like the fake war on drugs

  12. First off part one of this is such a click bait scam hardly tells the story its a waist of time so instead ill just research Tiffany and find a far better report.

  13. Bunch of White Ye haws. No wonder They couldn’t find her? Screw your Prayers. Didn’t help when it was needed did it. Ignorant and Stupid Americans. Republicans. I’ll Guarantee it. Shame on you Y’all…… 🤮

  14. U guys don't realize the year 1985, was the year of serial killers….killing at the highest rate

  15. 0:11 is Kansas city Kansas inside of Kansas county Kansas?

  16. Save urself, ABC wont give up the last episodes.

  17. I live in St. Louis and went to school in KC. Praying for the families but thank God she is alive!

  18. That is not how you’re supposed to use a barrel! I’m sick and tired of these DISGUSTING SICKOS denigrating the act of being erotic by performing such HEINOUS acts. I hope this KILLLLLEEEEEERRr has already been executed! People like him should be tortured Medieval Style for an hour before their execution!!! #capitalpunishment #dealthpenalty #disgusting #awful #why

  19. Don't most killers try to hide bodies?

  20. If y’all put out part 1, you better follow it up with part 2 or else you’re gonna catch these hands in the name of Jesus lawwwd! I’m so tired of y’all only uploading the first part of an investigation and taking forever to follow it up!!

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