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Sole Survivor l 20/20 l PART 2

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 20/20: https://bit.ly/2AK1Y0h

Heather Robinson learned she was the infant who went missing in 1985 after John Robinson, a man with a long history of petty crime that evolved into murder, came into her life.

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  1. He got away with a lot due to white privilege!! A black or Hispanic man would’ve been jailed for fraud without hesitation !!!

  2. He was born in Cicero, IL, like Slippin' Jimmy!!! 😂🤣

  3. This sounds like who Trump would be if he came from a middle class family instead of wealth… js.

  4. Her mother resembles Jessica Alba, she was a beautiful young mother 🙁

  5. This case reeks of privilege

  6. Nominated himself and had his own "man of the year" plaque made 😂 what a psycho


  8. One of Btk first victims was a stay at home mom.They had her husband a photograph he failed it.They didnt have evidence to arrest him . The poor man was innocent and had to take his baby AMD move because people thought he was guilty and it was John Robison that killed her.

  9. I'm really rooting for her to find her mama. What a rough hand to be dealt..

  10. ……and most my other favorite line…..he didn't look like a rapist ……just what the hell are these men supposed to look like? Three eyes? Gap in their teeth?……what a stupid thing to say.

  11. Her mother Lisa is or was sooo beautiful!!

  12. They can't put that lady in a chair at where her feet touch the ground so she doesn't look like an overgrown toddler

  13. Too bad she didn't take after her mom.

  14. This woman has gone through some shit.

  15. Sold her? Wow so where's her real mom..why he do that..awfull

  16. Her headband fell down around her neck….

  17. Loved animals?!? Will you please get real. He was a psychopath, they don’t love anyone or anything. Cruelty to animals is a very very common factor with these people. At the very least they certainly do not love animals!

  18. Con men never get what they deserve. They ruin others lives but yet get a simple slap on the wrist.

  19. what should like and dislike mean for this video?

  20. What awful last names. Are those their real names??

  21. Those eyes give me the creeps

  22. “Open an Olathe North high school yearbook from the early 1980’s you’ll see a dark hair girl with a very bright future”

    blurs everybody else

  23. Beautiful video love the description of John, the killer wow such great job normalising the criminal.
    I don’t give a f, I’m not here to see the good side him, give me the real crap and move on.

  24. "Didn't look like a criminal," sounds about white.

  25. Maybe they will find her mother

  26. Lol "he looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy"

  27. Here before it gets recommended in 2 yrs

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