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Sole Survivor l 20/20 l PART 4

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Robinson led a double life, luring women from adult chatrooms by day and leading the life of a husband and father by night. One by one, women went missing and the trail finally led to Robinson.

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  1. Wow left your husband who's a doctor and your kids behind for a man you meet in prison , poor Bonnie . Careful of these persons you meet online , do a background research before becoming involve , even if it involves a PI.

  2. The dogs were separated : (

  3. Only God knows what is going on in my mind right now. If I could get my hands on him or anyone like him oh the things I would do…. Female Dexter at your service.

  4. Robinson prob made all these fake things to get women’s signatures so he can forge them onto these fake letters

  5. What a mess. A killer goes free for doing so many things and no prison this sick monster gets to do more horrible crimes.

  6. If I were that mother I would've got my daughter's dogs back since they meant so much to her.

  7. This man is a sicko!!!!! Holy crap.

  8. that blonde reporter is so unprofessional. she looks like she's having the time of her life. like she is imparting the juiciest gossip. holy tone deaf batman. people lost their loved ones. buy a clue

  9. omg Kansas city police were extremely lazy if they believed those letters

  10. this is why you shouldnt meet people online you never know who anyone is

  11. Why did as that woman laughing about her daughter?

  12. Why do white men go so many years like this to kill?

  13. The Internet has DESTROYED so much. Technology should have been Selective.

  14. Should she be driving and narrating?

  15. I wonder if the dogs were returned to her mother after all they were stolen

  16. Nooo why werent both pekinese dogs asopted together 🙁

  17. I guarantee he's not the first serial killer to use the internet as his hunting grounds. No way. That's completely naive to think or believe. Maybe he meant that's documented.

  18. Come on ABC you don't have to split these up its ridiculous.

  19. John Robinson i hate you SOB if i get a chance m gonna punished u took so many young people's life u deserved death penalty.

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