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Sole Survivor l 20/20 l PART 5


Investigators kept a close eye on John Robinson, but didn’t have the evidence yet to charge him with murder. They arrested him on other charges and continued to investigate.

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  2. You’re telling me I watched all 5 of those videos for ABC to not put up #6? WTF?!

  3. Thanks for giving us 5 snippits then no more.

  4. Can't listen to that blond lady talk. Nails on a chalkboard board with her s's.

  5. I'm a pretty peace loving person so it's hard to have charity when I see all the complaining going on in the comments. Do your own searching people! Here's what I found. It satisfied my curiosity 🙂

  6. So this guy is a career criminal in and out of prison and none of his family questions how he gets a baby to adopt. Foolishness. They may not have known about the depths of his crimes but that was a huge clue I’m sure they questioned but looked the other way.

  7. I am thinking this guy killed a whole family including 2 children early on his sick life.

  8. I’m sorry for this but 500$in sex toy so what three toys??

  9. Anybody else sick and tired of sicko men killing innocent Girls and women for their own sick pleasure? My God!!!

  10. Ugh where can you find part 6?? I need to know who raised her…

  11. That cowboy gear is a real chick magnet…..wonder if he rides a shetland pony?

  12. Pls where is part 6 and the concluding part of the story

  13. oh no this is bad. And it does not complete the story? wow, not good. edit…just look for john robinson on youtube. lots of info, and has the entire story.

  14. Different program gives different info but 20/20 gave a lot of info but where is part 6

  15. As I saw on another one of these posts – “Part 6 coming to a theatre near you!”

  16. I always fall for this. Where can I find the next part?

  17. Does ALL parts 1-5. Can’t do 6? WHY?? I’m going else where to watch.

  18. When’s the rest of this will be available?

  19. Well boys and girls… when you Find 500 dollars worth of sex toys.. you gotta ask yourself.. where's the rest of this show..

  20. Maybe we should all unsubscribe from your YouTube channel why are you teasing us with a few episodes 😡

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