Tuesday , August 11 2020
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Solomon says Schiff extracted his number after requesting Giuliani records

Journalist and FOX Business contributor John Solomon discusses the upcoming DOJ watchdog report as well as doubts surfacing regarding Rep. Adam Schiff’s phone record claims.

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  1. I think it's time for mr. Schiff to find out and understand what it's really like to be held accountable

  2. Congress can dismiss one of their own for malfeasance. That being said, they would have to recuse themselves because they have been participating in the false accusations and lies being perpetrated. All the voting public can do when one of their party representatives acts in a self-serving, vindictive manner is to replace them with somebody with scruples and who can live up to their oath of office.

  3. Schiff must be publicly executed right next to the other traitors

  4. You have nothing to to hide Devin, let us see your phone records you coward.
    Ain't it funny how the way we feel shows on our face….you look guilty as hell.
    Parnes is going to give you up….then what.

  5. The good news about the concurrent meetings is that they are recorded. Therefore, we can view both.

  6. as an outsider (i'm from the UK) I've been watching the dems attack Trump for 3+ years now and i can't figure out, how and why are they allowed to get away with this nonsense?

  7. Running a mock but the senate is doing nothing? IG report??? Leaks??? What’s up?

  8. wrong to muddy the facts…shame on you Fox News …BOYCOTT FOX

  9. MSM does not know how to tell the truth. Even if their communist owners forced the low IQ news jockeys,they couldn't do it. They are too stupid.

  10. Of course, it's a lie. Duh.

  11. Shiff's a train wreck propped up by the media without the media he's nothing.

  12. why is this man calling Rudy Giuliani

  13. Alexandra Chalupa is a safe one for Lindsey Graham to look into, because she has nothing on him being outside the DNC commies.

  14. How hilarious!
    John Solomon got caught when Schiff used an extremely basic security tactic on him. Sucka! 😏

  15. Yeah it is bad to put out stuff that’s not accurate. Like the hurricane Alabama Sharpie. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Fox should just get off the Air completely.

  16. If I’m Trump, I would vaporize att on my way to hanging Schiff from his leotard

  17. Lou shut up and go dye your roots.

  18. I hope the REPUBLICANS finally tells the Nancy .Pelosi this Bull has and will stop now they were put there to work real work first it was the RUSSIANS now it's the UKRAINIANS. ? Give me a break Dirty Gal

  19. if this report comes out on Monday and people like Comey, Clapper, Brennan etc. are not held accountable, then I will lose all hope that anyone that is or was in the government will ever be held accountable for their actions

  20. Well, its nice that Solomon still thinks we live in America… Its kind of cute actually until your realize your taxes are paying his salary… These people are delusional.. They still think there is something called Law and Order, or that the same people performing a Coup are somehow going to arrest THEMSELVES.
    This is all going to be a big NOTHING Burger, again… Where Nothing Happens and Nothing is Done and the Crime and Corruption just continues… because there is nothing we are going to do about it.

  21. Watch the dominoes start to fall

  22. if Barr Durham do not charge Hillary Comey, Clapper Brennan. They must be fired today and replaced by actual honest men.

  23. Democrats are a danger to national security.

    Thankyou John Soloman for being a true investigator and reporter.


  24. If you don't want your phone records seized do not call multiple people under federal investigation multiple times.
    Because it gives the feds probable cause to get a warrant

  25. John is being too forgiving.
    The Dims are becoming criminal punks and ought to be dealt with as such.

  26. Good, Solomon is the definitive fake news reporter. All this projection from the Trump fans will send them down.

  27. Some sort of payback is coming for Schiff. I hope it's legal.

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