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Some employees push back on workplace vaccine mandates

ABC News’ Deirdre Bolton reports on President Joe Biden’s new federal rule that would require vaccinations for nearly 80 million workers, and the employees protesting against mandates.

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  1. It's a free Country, you can choose not to work.

  2. Such a hypocrisy from those Republicans! So it is so important to have your own choice for your body regardless you might end up killing others? Yet many are advocating to stop all women from making choice for their body?

  3. There are people dying and mamed from being vaccinated.

  4. Mandates: Democrats being to stupid to trust individual freedom.

  5. Biden is becoming a dictator

  6. The courts have repeatedly held up IMMUNIZATIONS………NOT VACCINATIONS. SCOTUS better smack this down or the nation is lost.

  7. No unemployment benefits. We don't want to encourage socialism.

  8. Employees will have more "freedom" of choice. Their "freedom" will align with the values pushed by modern society based on science and propaganda. Their decisions will also happen to align with the business and technological system because they are all interconnected. It is a false freedom that only works to support the society over the individual. The indivual's so called free thinking will just be what the system requires. The only positive will be that those people will think they're free. And they can also be arrogant smug pricks to everyone else. Because they're ideas are backed by science and the media.

  9. You can take the test once a week. Is that what the effeminate black guy meant by forced decision?

  10. If you don’t want the vaccine forced upon you, then consider becoming an entrepreneur. If you want to collect a paycheck from someone, then you have to abide by their workplace safety rules. I’m sure there are many people willing to do your job and wouldn’t mind getting vaccinated to do so.

  11. So while crisis come's up .Bitcoin climbs lol 😆 Now i say crypto is better than stock investing in crypto should be in every wise individual to do list .

  12. We should have the right to sue!!!

  13. Once the FDA approves a vaccine that is available in the US… I'll consider taking it.

  14. It's all about control. There is more to come. End times are coming. APTTMH!

  15. “Vaccine for me, but not for thee.” NBA players are EXEMPT!

  16. MOST employees are pushing back. Not "some". Drink the koolaid or no job for u.

  17. Why would the viris stop evolving if it can still be transmitted and unvced have the same viral load?

  18. Is it possible to do test every one's in a week?

  19. If you KNEW you would be forced to take 5-10 shots every year, would you still comply?

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