Thursday , December 2 2021
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Some Netflix Employees Stage Walkout To Protest Dave Chappelle Special

Some Netflix employees walked out of the company’s Hollywood office after weeks of internal backlash over Dave Chapelle’s new comedy special, which features jokes centered on his relationship with the transgender community. CEO Ted Sarnados acknowledged he “screwed up” his response to employees who say the special is transphobic.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Some Netflix Employees Stage Walkout To Protest Dave Chappelle Special


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  1. I guess when you become trans you must lose your ability to not watch something 😂😂😂🤦🤦 people would have probably stopped talking about Dave special by know if the trans community didn't give him all this media coverage I wonder how many views Dave is getting on his special because the trans community won't shut up about it you need to just ignore him you're making him Richer and I guess they haven't faced the fact that there's one thing that all companies respect more than the lgbtq community and that's money and when Dave Chappelle drops a comedy special that equals money really want to get at Dave Chappelle stop talking about him and making more people that wouldn't have watched the special watch it because of the amount of times they see people protesting about it

  2. Jokes ain't funny when they about you huh? I think y'all should learn to take a fkin joke man. Also why is it that only trans people from the US got offended?

  3. They were ok when he told black jokes, portrayed slaves, made fun of child molesters, rapers, etc. But he tries to bridge a gap and they take to the streets in protest? Hypocrisy has no bounds I guess. They should be glad Netflix is paying them while they walk around denouncing Netflix.

  4. Dumped Netflix after Cuties

  5. If Netflix gives in to this and Dave Chappelle is removed for speaking clear and honest observations of disparity with no hate just humor then its time to start canceling Netflix accounts. Dave Chappelle would probably say it best that these people protesting "are brittle spirits". Remember you didn't have to click on his face. There is no room hate in this world and real fans no he has no hate for anyone and neither do the majority of his fans.

  6. if they cancel dave chapelle im ending my subscription.

  7. The most entitled people ever are these people. We have to act a certain way around them but they can act however they want around us. It’s so fascinating how mentally incapable these people are. We need better health care to help these people.

  8. That "community" is comprised of hypocrites. This whole situation is stupid and a distraction to real issues going on.

  9. Dave is amazing,love his approach and delivery of comedy. We have to remember that in our everyone gets a 🏆 culture, feelings are easily hurt these days. He's a comedian 🤣 😂 not to be taking seriously

  10. But they are all okay with Obama and his husband as a producer? LOL

  11. Well take your labor and go work somewhere else. Bye Felicia.

  12. These idiots need to learn how to take a joke…

  13. Get a life maybe if yal would all go to work rather then wasting yals time then maybe yal be able to pay your car notes & I won’t have to repo yals cars

  14. Quote him what was transphobic, I'll wait.

  15. No one cares about your feelings. If you don't like it don't watch it.

  16. If someone wears a bicorne hat and claims to be Napoleon Bonaparte, we don't give him command of La Grande Armée.

  17. Important to underscore the word “some.” Many of Netflix’s employees understand how ludicrous this backlash has been.

  18. I'll pay extra to fire them all… Justice for Daphne dorman

  19. 0.6% of the US population is not going to run the country, define our humor or cancel people's careers.

  20. I'm Asian and loved all his Asian jokes. They're funny af and HARMLESS

  21. 100% support for Dave Chappelle and Netflix. This Is what equality looks like.

  22. Oh shut up and go back to trying to be a woman.

  23. Black trans lives matter..yeah thats exactly what Dave chappelle was saying

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