Soul of a Nation Celebrates Black History Month With ‘BLACK IN VEGAS’

“GMA3” Executive Producer Cat McKenzie joins ABC News Live to preview the new Soul of a Nation special, which highlights Black performers past and present in Las Vegas. #soul #soulofanation #blackhistorymonth #gma3 #lasvegas #abcnews #abcnlupdate

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. Statistics clearly show that Blacks commit about 60% of all violent crime in America despite them being 13% of the population.

    Blacks do not do well in civilized societies. We almost domesticated them back in the late 20's early 30's…to no avail.

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  4. Ugh really? That's OK I'll celebrate every human life month, day, second. How stupid.

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  8. The first american to die for this country was called his name was, Crispus Auucks.

    His name was henry Jones not casey jones. And was biggger than i am amd when it was man vs steampowered rail machine.

    Henry jones was able to get over 2100ft further down the rail track than a five manpowered steam engine was function at…

  9. Obesity is a big problem in the sun communities..👆

  10. Imagine being so entitled that you get to tell another race that they should be celebrating your race for a whole month, while complaining that it's not enough

  11. lol she said black invasive

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  13. No reparations. No police reform. No clean water for Jackson, Miss.
    More entertainment for Black people. Wake up!

  14. Thank YOU FOR CHANGE 💪🏿🫡❤️💛🔥💋

  15. Only culture blacks have is shooting each other for crack.

  16. Black Reparations Month…. The Recovery Movement… A Anew History….

  17. Black Reparations Month…. The Recovery Movement… A Anew History….