Friday , December 4 2020
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South Africa's tour of Sri Lanka in June postponed

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  1. This video is not about IPL but my opinion on it is Cancel IPL not only this year but also permanently because of IPL India is not performing well in SENA Countries.Instead of IPL make India play Domestic Cricket or County Cricket to improve performance in SENA Countries.Mainly because of IPl underserving players like Rishab Pant,Robin Uthappa,Shardhul Takur,Suresh Raina and many more players play for India because of IPL Performances.Suresh Raina played more than 200+ ODI but does not know to play Short Ball.Suresh Raina dropped from India Team at 2006 and came back to play for India because of IPL mainly playing for CSK where Dhoni kept giving Suresh Raina more opportunities which he did not deserve.After Dhoni left Captaincy Suresh Raina rightly removed from the team permanently.

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