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South Carolina democratic debate: candidates face off before Super Tuesday | USA TODAY

In the final debate before Super Tuesday, Democratic candidates squared off in Charleston, S.C. hoping to take on the clear frontrunner, Bernie Sanders.
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  2. ♥️🥰♡😍 Ms. Tulsi 🥰♡😍♥️ should be the President 😎🍄🤔 Yang should be the Vice President 🍄🤝😎 that's what any reasonable person on the left and quite a few independents 😮 and even some republicans 😮 would actually vote for, you maniacs, and you know it! They're the only two SANE and GROWN and NON SOCIOPATHIC candidates y'all even had at ALL. Plus 😍 Ms. Tulsi is a beautiful goddess 🥰 with an IQ of about six hundred;
    Her mind together with Yang would actually get us somewhere. No other candidate on either side of the political garbage has ANY idea of how to solve anything nor do they have any slight inkling of what issues we will be facing in the coming decade!
    Meanwhile when Democrats say that they care about black people or women or people who are emigrating, I get sick. Can they even be serious?! Please stop it, Democrats. Geeze. That one old sociopath even talked about reparations up there- you really think that black people are falling for that, by now? Or how about bootygag pretending to be all hood the other day or how about Ms. Kamala getting caught and still being allowed to run?!
    Democrats need to stop saying that they care about a black man until the Democrats stop locking up everyone black when ever they have any power. They need to stop saying they care about a black man until Democrat Police forces can be kind to black people. The list goes on
    I saw the other one pretending to be a Spanish person too and I highly doubt that the Latino people are that gullible either! If I can notice this stuff as a white then do you think that everyone else cannot tell? Don't be silly. Another thing is Democrats should stop saying that they care about people who are immigrating until Democrats stop harming people who are immigrating
    That's a common issue powerful Democrats always have, too, thinking that "minority" people are dumb – they're not, though. Many people are brainwashed but that's NOT the same as being dumb. My IQ use to be very high and I was brainwashed for most of my life myself, and I'm living proof that any one can #BREAKFREE
    Then the oldest whitest racist guy I have ever seen gets up there and EVEN HE is still in the "race"? They can't even be serious, by now!!
    Then of all things some rich white lady stands there and says that women are judged more harshly than males in 2020.. really? You think that the average woman is sitting at her house believing that horse ____? Well American women (of all of the colors and shapes and sizes) are intelligent and awesome so #NOPE
    We are all an American no matter how many genders you have or where you come from or where you look like we ALL must #UNITETOSTAND – do not E V E R let some Democrat snob tell you that you do not belong or that you can not achieve and attain or that you are not loved here. Do not ever let them tell you that you are "less than". Believe in your fellow Americans and *believe in YOU*! Always!
    ♡ Also give us a chance, would you, the average white is not so bad. We don't hate you or take from you we are mostly broke dying working people just like everyone else. Another thing is, you have millions of white people who want to be your friend and your ally 🤝 and we proved it by helping massacre white slaver people already
    When you believe the dems about us you are closing the door on SO many opportunities for YOU – Dems never tell you ANY solutions or help you to empower yourself IN ANY way for some reason … think about it 🤔

  3. Dear God I enjoyed watching these idiots go at each other. There is not a single one of them that has a snowballs chance in hell of beating Trump if they continue with the chaos of last night. They are all selling snake oil and America is on to them. To all those who paid for their own education should they be reimbursed? You can promise the moon but if you can't back up your claims you are just either ignorant or a damn liar. TRUMP has backed up his promises and regardless of how I feel about him personally I have to acknowledge his accomplishments. VOTE TRUMP AND SAVE AMERICANS FREEDOMS.

  4. Buttigieg is overstating his military experience. He never trained with a rifle, he skipped boot camp, and he never saw combat. He had a minor desk job at a base.

  5. Biden says he worked like a devil…. then he says his manners are from his catholic school training…. he cant even decided on his faith…


  7. Bernie sanders is my president.

  8. How could anyone be a Democrat? it reminds me of when I went to a professional wrestling match all the wrestlers hated each other in the ring then when two of them walked by I heard one ask the other where they were going to go eat. These idiots are all friends except going to go eat they are probably going to some cocktail party and talk about how they are going to spend all the tax dollars they are fixing to f___ us out of!!!!!!

  9. The last scoop of cream corn is mine!!!

  10. None of you are worth it! Trump is gonna win…. 🙁

  11. The jesuit looting criminal puppets are being destroyed by social media and No more shadow bans by FB or Google as Qanon drops made it crystal clear activity to silence is being watched closely I hope you are all prepared for a brave new world that we are about to explore together ? The blinders are about to be removed The Orion officers and Q looking glass have created the clock 🕰 all future events are known with accuracy now that our cosmic brothers and sisters have stepped into the fight The technology and cures for all diseases and travel will change how you live your enslavement ending be brave be calm you are learning to never to go into “debt” again with those who would trick you into giving consent to loot your blood lines in every sense of the word the orion wars end with your Long education your living through a time where it will be a marker in this time line that we will be talking about for thousands of years ! No longer will anyone violate your right to thrive Feeding you peanuts like a park squirrel for your blind support Humans at this stage should be expressing art and not worried and stressed trying to survive wait til you find what has been withheld from you not for 30 years or 70 but 200 years ! The campaign for your repression started before any of us even came to this country. There has been a bid for your imprisonment thousands of years ago. Everyone incarnated presently has agreed to experience what we are all about Have. Trump agreed before he incarnated to take on the challenge and kick over tables. The fine men and women of our military’s give them support.

  12. I still don't know who tf Tom Steyer is

  13. Are all the others SO STUPID that they did Not pick up on half the population of America have been killed by guns according to Joe ?????? or the crowd that cheered him ????

  14. The American people really need to TURN OFF the damn tv and actually do some research on actual statistics and factual data on the current state of America on everyday life of its people! Stop getting your “FACTS” from BIASED media sources that say only what they want you to hear!! It’s called brainwashing! And both of y’all REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS buy into it like God is talking to you 🤦🏿‍♂️
    To be completely honest, I cannot stand trump, but replacing him with any of THESE people would be a MISTAKE for America!!! A costly one at that. I swear it’s gonna take shit to become ultimately terrible here in America before some to most of you heavy left wing and heavy right wing voters actually realize what y’all have done! Stop settling for garbage! You and your children have TO LIVE HERE! If it’s not broken stop trying to FIX IT. The economy is actually BOOMING RIGHT NOW!!! That means wealth is coming back to Americans and their families, could it be better? ABSOLUTELY IT COULD, but any of these candidates will be utterly dangerous in office with that much power!! I do not know how an intelligent unbiased human couldn’t and cannot aswell as refuse not to see that!! 🤦🏿‍♂️

  15. There are trained seals in the audience.

  16. Who knew that watching a dumpster fire could be this much fun?

  17. "These candidates looked like old folks home residents who just ran out of Jello"-Tomi Lahren.


  19. It's glaringly obvious who USA Today's prized pony is.

  20. Bernie will win now that Russia is helping him !!!!
    Russia / Bernie 2020


  22. #NotMeUs Bernie defended the American people well

  23. Biden is an embarrassment …

  24. Why does every democrat out do each other to treat blacks like they are retarded?

  25. And also Bernie Sanders represents the unfulfilled campaign promises to the working class from Donald Trump.

  26. It's about applause-lines. The fact that it costs between $1750-3000 to attend the debate leaves out the 'applause' from the points made that the working class agrees with. This is not me saying this, see the NYTimes article on the price to attend the debate.

  27. I believe Sanders can win the election….. and America will enter a new era of DEEPER division. That is why Russia is supporting Bernie and Trump. Russia wants democracy in chaos. No American wants democracy in chaos.

    Democrats need to choose a nominee who can unify the country.

    Bloomberg 2020.

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