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Southlake Teachers Told To Balance Holocaust Books With ‘Opposing’ View

The Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, Texas, already in the spotlight after parents clashed over its diversity plan, is now facing pushback over which books are allowed in their libraries. NBC News obtained exclusive, secretly recorded audio of a training where teachers were told to balance books about the Holocaust with an “opposing” view. The school district told NBC News they have “not and will not mandate books be removed.”» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Southlake Teachers Told To Balance Holocaust Books With ‘Opposing’ View


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  1. That psycho teacher probably wants to use school funds for some Goebbels posters for the classroom walls.

  2. America has absolutely gone bonkers!

  3. They're just trying to be fair and balanced.

  4. There're several opposing points of view re: the terrible terrible holocaust. One is based on the timelines given: some give 1933 as the beginning point and others
    believe the holocaust began in 1939 when the war began and yet others have written that it started in 1940- 42.. It looks like no one knows for sure..

  5. Well Trump believes Nazis are very fine people so how is this a surprise?

  6. Did you notice that while NBC covers this story….they didn't cover what happened in the Loudoun County schools.

    Absolutely disgusting and heart braking at the same time. I hope the northern VA Citizens hold the Loudoun County school board, the school officials as well as MSNBC its self responsible for trying to protect political ideology rather than children.

    Your complete news blackout on the real facts of what really happened there completely demonstrate your grotesque agenda.

  7. Texas…sounds about right

  8. F Joe Biden
    Let's go Brandon

  9. UH…supposed to get a book upholding Hitler and Nazi teaching about Jewish people and "subhumans'?

  10. so im a person who has grandparents who were holocaust survivors. they both survived auschwitz. they were from poland and lived there when the polish government rolled over and let the nazis come into their country and do what ever they want which was rounding up jews strictly based on their religion, i guess my question is what possible opposing view is their to teach on mass genocide based on what someone believed. question when you teach lessons bout slavery are you going to teach kids also the opposing views of why slavery wasnt a bad thing? its kind of the same thing is it not, taking advantage of someone based on their race or relegion. once again what possible opposing view is there to teach about the holocaust. im waiting to see the outrage from the social justice warriors that i would see if this same issue arose with african americans and slavery

  11. Opposing views, just show them
    Europa The Last Battle

  12. Yep. First they came for…then they came for… This anti-CRT push is the new McCarthyism. Soon there will be an educators version of Executive Order 9835.

  13. Oh so like if I say the world is round there should be someone saying about the world is flat. facts are facts, there should not always be opposing views.

  14. Fact: Most kids are rebels who are impossible to indoctorinate try as one may. That’s more true now where they have access to tik tok and other social media. So both the right and left wing nut jobs need to stop trying

  15. This is horrible, what's next Fahrenheit 451. Texas is falling apart.

  16. Kinda like saying how bad the Taliban is about beheading and treating women, and then giving them 80 billion in military equipment and saying they are pretty good old boys I think we'll get along fine.

  17. I think that whoever came up with teaching Critical Race Theroy, or (CRT) should be deported. This is absolutely crazy. What ever happened to Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Schools and politics are shameful. People need to home school their kids, and tell these school unions to find a new job.

  18. Since history is double sided. We as natives also demand our side of history!!!! This is just a white supremacists system fighting for the take over of American democracy among their own selfs. I'm not an expert, but I think the father's of the u.s constitution were serious about protecting the liberties in the bill of rights as citizens. For all, upon the u.s territory lands. We our first nation 🦅🦅🦅🦅

  19. Many people died in the Holocaust… not just Jews, we weren’t the majority.

  20. right… so are they also going to remove the chapter exodus in the Bible when Moses was called by God to help free slaves? Moses lead those who were slaves and mistreated, out of Egypt.

  21. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat the past.

  22. Does the superintendent or deputy superintendent hold any accountability in any of this? It would seem that they had the responsibility in making clear to their administrators the details of HB3979 before they held the teacher training. It doesn’t excuse the administrator from the comments she made, but the leaders should be held responsible too.

  23. New rule NBC: you cannot cover a holocaust story in any capacity if you immediately do not hear phrases like "firestorm" and say– "oh, we are absolutely not headlining anything related to the holocaust and the words "fire" together in any form.

    and the real story here is that the word "opposing" in the law is incorrect. Subjects are covered under "varying perspectives". In this case it means: Anne Frank experience, Nuremberg Trials, impacts of Nazi Propaganda Marketing, & Incorporating books such as The Sunflower by Simon Wiesenthal.


  25. The Liberals are using the Pol Pot playbook!

    Brainwash your children and turn them into soldiers to rid society of anyone that opposes the progressive interpretation of history and culture.

  26. Wait, I thought the Holocaust WAS the opposing view?

  27. 0:46 so no one questioned if the parent was a racist?

  28. So then we should teach about communism and socialism as we need to teach opposing views right? Maybe throw in atheism too?
    Maybe put a morning pray go God, and then debunk it afternoon?
    Are they gonna do that?

  29. Control the minds of your children with non facts. Who with good conscience and morals could possibly want to raise a child in Texas

  30. Texans better stay in Texas. We’ve entered a new phase. I see Texas plates your getting fckd.

  31. Watch europa: the last battle on butchute

  32. Mexico should take back Texas. Texans aren’t Americans, they are Mexicans Secede already.

  33. I trust Lester Holt and NBC News as far as I can throw an elephant. So they found a left wing citizen to interview who wants anti-racism taught in schools. I guess as a parent he is not capable of doing that himself. Politics, ethics, morals, racism should be taught at home. I remember my 4th grade teacher, Miss Jobes, gave us a list of what TV programs we could watch and which ones we couldn't. You left wingers need to keep your hands off the children.

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