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SpaceX prototype has fiery crash during landing

The unmanned SpaceX Starship exploded on impact during its descent back to Earth.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Yeah but Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave

  2. Back to the drawing table…

  3. Nice try, you good for nothing humans.

  4. Why such a big explosion upon landing, if the rocket is has no fuel left

  5. Trial by learning, they are seeing this and know what to tweak for the actual launch that holds ppl. We get to see a historic event, and look back on this.

  6. diversity hiring strikes again

  7. Why is it the media can only focus on the explosion?

  8. Communist China brings back rocks from the moon, while these losers can’t even launch a rocket. SpaceX is a bunch of failures, this is a humiliation for America and free societies.

  9. what a joke!! Hollywood does a better job…cut to explosion…

  10. that is fucking laughable!!!!

  11. Y’all act like this is another challenger situation lol. This is to help prevent situations like those.

    ( it was planned)

  12. Rocket: comes down to the ground too fast and smashes to the ground and becomes a big ball of inferno flame
    Elon musk: SUCCESSFUL 😀

  13. This Elon musk guy also torment my Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos

  14. Came here to say the same as others already have; incredibly negative coverage of progress. This is why we've all stopped watching legacy media

  15. … Reporters reporting on things they don't know of. Journalism's credibility these days. Ugh…

  16. They just missed the”BREAKING NEWS’ header . I’m guessing they’re desperate for audience

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dumb F#@$K

  18. ABC are loooooosers. Let's go Elon

  19. Heard it was carrying uncounted ballots……..🤣😪😂

  20. Another news station without actual journalists.

  21. they always wanted us to believe that little fire below it can hold it up afloat.

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