Sunday , October 24 2021
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SpaceX’s All-Civilian Inspiration4 Crew Orbiting Earth

In what’s expected to be a three-day mission, four everyday Americans are orbiting Earth and gathering scientific data they hope will aid future space travelers.   » Subscribe to NBC News:
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SpaceX’s All-Civilian Inspiration4 Crew Orbiting Earth


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  1. LOL everyday american s can now go to space,? if your a billionair

  2. Sat in a Hollywood studio

  3. Pushing the envelope. What SpaceX does. I wonder if Bezos is done suing because his rocket tech is basically stone-age compared to SpaceX. I was on a plane last month having a conversation and there was a lady sitting across the isle. She chimed-in about how she worked at Blue Origin. We all giggled. Lol

  4. Jw where were the g-force tests? And the blood pressure tests? And everything else we saw in the 90s for astronaut training? Regular civilians, and I'm not sure any human being, for that matter, could withstand the g-force at 17,500 mph….just sayin. Not a flat-earther or a fake-moon-lander, but idk how it's possible to survive that amount of pressure

  5. that's what you call going into space, rather than the rubbish Branson and bezos did, with their 1 minute pathetic joke.

  6. Nothing new. No video, no audio, no nothing, but reruns of the launch. Starting to feel like bait and switch.

  7. Do you think they have sexe out there and do they change each other's diapers? Well done SpaceX, what an achievement!!!

  8. yeah, Jared is truly an "everyday" american… djeez

  9. Space travel- an extreme stupid thing.

  10. The sound of Mark Sargents exasperation is orgasmic. Someone knows what I’m talking about…

  11. That is good that they are in their orbit and now we have to get them back on Earth again safely to know that the mission was a success.

  12. Why they want to go back to earth not live long there!

  13. A billionaire isn't an everyday American, just saying

  14. They must be saving all the footage for episode 5 of Countdown. The 5th episode releases September 30 on Netflix.

  15. I'm so lonely. Would love to be there with you and experience. Sure beats the heck out of being on earth and having noone with you at all. To the other side

  16. 😬 Challenger…..go with throttle up 💥

  17. Massive credit to this channel. I have watched the launch live and been desperate to find news and the www is empty its been empty of any news for almost 24 hours. The news is fantastic. I sure hope its true. However this channel sure has sponged up the dross commenting below.

  18. Yawn. Another low earth orbit being exaggerated as an milestone accomplishment. I mean really. If 50 years ago Apollo supposedly went to the moon, which requires an altitude of 250,000 miles, why have no manned missions ever since exceeded low earth orbit? I believe the highest altitude other than Apollo was 750 miles. This SpaceX flight is only a mere 357 miles. Why stop there if going to the moon was so easy? Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that every mission should go half way to the moon. But why not achieve at least 1,000, 1,500 miles or more. What's holding everyone back? Unless of course there is a huge problem doing that (like perhaps excessive radiation) and as a result mankind has never actually done that before. Wouldn't it be better for the reputation of manned space flight as a science if NASA finally owned up to the lie of Apollo? That yes, it was all faked? For one thing, it would allow the general public to for the first time really appreciate how truly challenging it is to leave low earth orbit. It would also explain why no manned missions since Apollo have gone beyond low earth orbit. How many more decades of mankind not exceeding 750 miles will it take before people start realizing that we never did go to the moon.

  19. 0:51 LoL C'mon guys .. that looks so fake, look at the one on the right!

  20. in the real world, millionaires are not your everyday Americans.

  21. Jeff's congratulatory message rings hollow considering all the lawsuits they're CURRENTLY filing against SpaceX.

  22. Why is everyone trying to leave earth??. What's happening to mankind!.

  23. This is so much cooler than what Bezos and Branson did.

  24. It’s all fun and games until someone says they need to poop.

  25. It's the most significant achievement in space travelling. Congratulations to all travellers and the SpaceX wholehearted.

  26. 😂😆☝🏽 Let us look out the windows with the crew. Why not?

  27. Lol why didnt Elon go. . . The other Billionaires went?

  28. Wow! Anyone can go to space! I'm next!

  29. when will we 'ere see the 4 in dragon ?

  30. Awesome.. fantastic 👍🇳🇿

  31. A yes, Inspiration 4, or DELTA. Very sus number. The first "All Civilian" (Sheepdipped) crew into space.

  32. A full day of silence really killed the excitement. With a fundraiser mission called Inspiration I thought they'd be a little more open.

  33. “4 average americans”
    Well, the billionaire is the only one who is certainly NOT average

  34. So much for 'space tourism'. 55,000,000 per seat and you spend your time getting poked, prodded, and questioned like a lab rat, no thanks.

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