Friday , November 27 2020
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Spanish cyclists save trapped deer | ABC News

A group of cyclists rescued a deer that was trapped in the flooded ruins of a building in southern Spain.

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  1. The antler did not break off, if you play the video in slow motion you will realize that it was the string they were using to pull him out that snapped off, they didn’t hurt it at all, have you seen these beasts fighting one another?
    They are very rough and powerful animals.

  2. Thank you so much for respecting another living creature in need! 🙂

  3. bruh I thought he was stuck in a sidewalk LMAO

  4. I think it feared being eaten…

  5. Why 8 people disliked this video? I would never understand.

  6. It's strange… Humans can often be totally cruel and inhumane, but at other times capable of great compassion. If only it could be more of the latter.

  7. that dude basically dead-lifted 500lbs with back breaking form

  8. All in a days work I guess..😁

  9. vegan cyclists save the day!

  10. he looks like a 300 pounder.!!!!!!!

  11. When you see a deer you see Bambi. And I saw antlers up on the wall. 😎 Nice rack

  12. Bambi needs to stop using drugs SMH 😂😂😂😂

  13. That is not a deer its a elk. So proof news stations can be wrong and not have all the facts.

  14. There just may be hope for us yet 🦄

  15. Good job, guys. Now someone fix those ruins so that it doesn't happen to some other defenseless animal.

  16. he does not even say thank you!!!

  17. Great job guys! You guys are awesome 👍

  18. Wow! Cyclists do have their place in the world after all 🙂 Nice rescue!

  19. Gets hit by a truck running across the road lol.

  20. Jesus never existed YouTube channel
    tap here

  21. He got eaten right after the camera stopped filming him

  22. Good work, and they could have got hurt in the process

  23. To all the "that poor deer. that woman tore its horn off its head types"That woman just helped save that awesome bucks life.deer shed their antlers every year and grow back an entirely new rack in 3 months.

  24. At one point am like "U r hurting it " seconds later hey its gonna knock u down" to what a relief

  25. Didn't even say thank you, just ran off..

  26. I won’t eat all your ornamental bushes next spring 😁

  27. Blood, sweet, tears, God bless all of you cyclists.🦌

  28. Omg the woman narrating telling them to work with your asses haha

  29. It probably hurt the deer more when its antlers are being pulled, than stuck in the water. Like for example pulling its antler is like, pulling someone's teeth to save them. Its like pulling the antler out of the poor deers head.

  30. What a way to label it. Spanish cyclists

  31. You guys are awesome!

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