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Sparks fly during top intel official's testimony on whistleblower complaint | Nightline

Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire defended his initial refusal to turn over the complaint to Congress. Experts discuss how the impeachment inquiry could affect President Trump.



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  1. Bias reporter interviews a bias reporter 😝

  2. Adam schiff talking about betraying the oath of your office, That's fucken rich.

  3. How ironic for a "bone-spur draft dodger" to be inciting a Civil War!

  4. Didn't we do this like… 15 times already? Imagine getting to an actual story of something thats happened lately?

  5. It was quite obvious that DNI McGuire is on the side of the GOP. You don't get evidence against someone and than take the evidence to the perpetrator. It was also obvious that McGuire was prepped by the GOP for days. Hence the delay in his testimony for days. Its a miracle, in itself, that the testimony even took place. All one had to do was watch the smirk between Nunez and McGuire when Schiff handed off his opening statements to Nunez. It was 10:00 into the proceedings. I sure hope a body language expert was watching and present to verfy my observation.

  6. The whistleblowers complaint should not have any more weight than a drunk at a bar complaining about politics and the president. Just criminal to take it seriously.

  7. Talk about click bait. Where were the sparks?

  8. Didn’t see any sparks. Thought Maguire was a wimp and overly respectful to the democrat rats.

  9. This isnt a whistleblower…its hearsay…the person wasnt even there. Why did they change the whistleblower form right before this was released. Removing the part that first hand knowledge is required. And why is it that when Biden admitted he held funds from Ukraine unless the prosecutor who was investigating the Ukrainian company his son worked at was removed. Heres ABC with they're story already jaded to one side. I'm not a Republican or Democrat…all these corrupt bums playing games in Washington need to be removed wasting our time and money while real needs are being ignored. #Tulsi for president!

  10. My call was perfect……..iam going to use that on everyone who says my phone is acting up 😂🤣😂🤣

  11. We are switching parties from Democrat to Republican. I HAVE HAD enough of the Democrat Because of what you said Shift in this broadcast and because what Adam Schiff said*. **The Democrats have never done anything since they've been in office. They just wasted our money. *I definitely see that the Democrats cannot take no for an answer. Goodbye piece of shit Democrats.

  12. This is such BS! You should be ashamed of yourself ABC for lying to the American people and leading them astray. Tell the truth! That phone call wasn't the ONLY phone call going to classified server. Because of all of the leaks, ALL foreign calls go there. My goodness, the leftist media are trying to destroy this country.

  13. I don't think he could have helped it, he's waited to long to start getting rid of the traitors..

  14. Nothing is more fake than you Mr Nuness! I can still hear your talking at a meeting of your peers ,,,,,talking about all of you protecting your boy trump!

  15. Sorry Trumpy,,,,,it is you that is a disgrace,,,,in every way, shape and form! Nothing about you is close to perfect!

  16. We have to be the most ignorant people on the planet.Everytime one of these clowns comes up with one of their "BRAINSTORMS" it costs we the American people 20 to 30 MILLION of our tax dollars.

  17. The president, and I use this word loosely, has brought all of this on himself!! Waiting for him to be brought down!! Remember the statement Lindsey Graham has made, so quick to change now huh, disgraceful, Trump has not, nor will ever be fit to be President!! Shameful, stop Trump!!!

  18. Is this a lot to do about nothing?

  19. I heard something from someone who heard it from someone else….

  20. We can't trust our politicians anymore or the mainstream Media. Since when is it okay to undo the people's vote here in America?

  21. Do you realize .. “People” ?This is not justice …this is a waste of his fours years of trying to govern ..He was set up to fail .. since day 1 of his Presidency. Pelosi , You really need to go ! You are not for the “People” ! You are out to be top “Rat” !

  22. Trump is a disgrace and m000998

  23. Ain't gonna happen. For 3 years your constant outrage has become static, the fault is in your receiver. There's plenty to go after Trump for. You can't because your on the same side. Both sides are for the military industrial complex, insurance, banks and oil. Keep distracting the real issues and your viewership will keep dropping

  24. Funny that ABC not talking about the millions biden made from Ukraine or billions made from China. Looks like talking about a crime you don't like is a bad thing.

  25. His call was perfect 🤣🤣 Nunes is a dumbass!

  26. Trump knows phones are recording he even said it and doesn't trust anyone and I bet the whistle blower is a corrupt or wants to take over to corrupt and probably is a Hillary fan btw snitches get stitches these politics are to busy with being drama Queens mean while they can't protect the boarder but they can protect area 51

  27. What a bunch of BS…..FAKE NEWS!!!

  28. 6:50 😂😂😂 Oh Donald, you’re the disgrace ! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  29. Dont be fooled that "source Los Angeles times" quote…. from 2014…. not last week

  30. 4:11 If the ‘story’ was fake, we wouldn’t have the transcript with Trump’s own words 🤦🏻‍♀️

  31. Everything the whistleblower alleges is second hand, the Ukrainian president said there wasn't any foul play, and the transcript of the call finds clearly shows their's no foul play.

  32. Bring back Ole Sparky…

  33. You idiots , impeach a great president then when Iran nukes the United States you'll have your communist Democrafts to help treat your radiation burns, wake up idiots!!!

  34. It’s so weird that Trump is the ONLY President who is ACTUALLY defending our country!
    But the dumb sheep of America believe all this bullshit!!!!!

  35. Here's an idea..why don't the democrats just try winning an election instead of you know…..this charade.

  36. This is a hit job simple as it can be. Undo the peoples vote at your peril.

  37. I doubt he will be impeached. Sooner or later the REAL PEOPLE in power will want to save face and make it look like nothing is wrong with their Government.

  38. That guy was checking it mary bruce , he almost broke his neck😆😆😆hey hey you can't blame him at all! 🤤🤤she is pretty hot😁

  39. Trumpet is the greatest disgrace to America. The whistle blower is the greatest hero and patriotic American

  40. wow, news these days. Its like watching a bunch of adolescents brag about who's mommy's and daddy's house is bigger. I guess that is what you get when gen Xers and millennials enter the work force.

  41. Schiff simply gloats. He was simply waiting for this chance to take Potus down. Justice will prevail.

  42. This is so funny. Crazy president said someone is almost a spy ! Anyway , we "obtained" secret audio recording from errr our "correspondent" . This could be used in a movie. 🙂

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