Thursday , January 28 2021
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Speaker Pelosi holds weekly press conference

House Speaker Pelosi holds her weekly press conference.

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  1. NANCY i am sick tolook zat your lectures ca is still a mas that is your section go home……

  2. I can't believe this dumb dinosaur is on the USA payroll

  3. The worst thing to happen to USA in modern day history Pelosi the witch 🧙‍♀️

  4. Democrats is the English word for demons.

  5. Only 3 out of approx 100 comments were favorable to Pelosi The People have spoken and it speaks volumes.The people can go to Hell while You eat your 25 Dollar Gallons of ice cream… But Summer is just around the corner.

  6. Stop the blaming start show resolves. My head start hurt more and more when I see her mouth open.

  7. Old larva mouth . She ain't the head demon no more that one good thing.

  8. People complain about Pelosi but Americans voted her right back in office..
    Same thing with McConnell….
    Same people who refuse to help us during this pandemic…
    Then complain about it….
    Unbelievable folks

  9. Hey Pelosi, Can I get a fridge full of ice cream? Looking pretty bleak in my fridge. Thank you

  10. Lmao delaying and distorting hope as you do nothing about getting money to people whom are starving and losing there homes! You are absolutely positively disgusting 🤢 Nancy Pelosi!

  11. I would like a supernatural force to punch her in her chakras.

  12. Trump Supreme court will overturn this BS. Bank on it

  13. So why haven't you done anything Nancy. He has been ready to sign a BILL. People have died because of you Nancy because they are losing their businesses and can't feed their children and put a roof over their heads. NANCY – You have TDS

  14. AND, That Gum Ball looking necklace around her neck probably cost MORE than the Average Level yearly income in AMERICA Today.

  15. She should be arrested right now for treason. This country has gone weak and its corroded from within by communists.

  16. This stupid drunk should go lay down in the corner.

  17. You watch, she will continue obstructing a bipartisan aid package until after the Georgia Senate elections. She will blame the reps and give empty promises to the people that if they win the Senate a huge package is coming. It's all a strategy to those that are hurting and struggling for help. There will be no huge package. How does it feel to be played?

  18. Denounce the riots Nancy. Tell your blm buddies they already lost. We comin for you and your icecream.

  19. Throw this communist in prison now. Nancy Pelosi your fired. Pack a bag and go to Chinatown. Go to hell Nancy. We the people will deseat you along with your commie friends. Wana rumble ya got it✌

  20. Wait till the people find out you are the one who are responsible for all of this

  21. She's just brimming with emotion because back home, her ice cream is melting…

  22. Don’t know where u get your results, oh, u do it for money.👎🏾👎🏾 u don’t know how to work with hands only your mouth, that all u good for!!!!

  23. What an evil and twisted person this thing is…

  24. This is what happens when a person builds a bitter assault on another person out of jealousy. Had she admired Trump's achievements and respected his courage to heal America she too could have been on the right side of history, of life. Take a long, hard look at her and pray you never resemble this disgusting display of immaturity and loathing.

  25. Bankers wars! Killed millions! All for pure greed! Put a plastic bag over your head Pelosi and take a deep breath!

  26. "Bi- partisan" ..what a half-assed word to refer to half assed scoundrels.

  27. 299,692 deaths 16,039,393 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after the shutdown.

  28. That women look creepy and witch

  29. we do not have a unifying speaker of the house. but that is understandable since our speaker of the house is a treasonous communist who has helped the communist chinese party to steal our constitutional rights to begin with The Presidential election. Doing her part to encourage seditious rioting. and living like a pig in the farmer's house because they killed the farmer's family. My rendition of g.o.

  30. US Abortions (2017) 862,360

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