Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Special Report: At Least 5 Dead And 21 Injured In Texas Shooting | NBC News

A shooting in Texas has left at least 21 wounded and five deceased. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Special Report: At Least 5 Dead And 21 Injured In Texas Shooting | NBC News


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  1. That's where I was born, and raised. I was visiting my parents. We went to Colorado that Friday before. My sister started Texting me. I started asking her where was She, and Her kids. My oldest Niece lives about a mile, and haft where it ended. Then start wondering if I know anybody that got Killed or Hurt.

  2. What about knife crime in london?

  3. You just don't know when your gonna die. Making America Great Again is a fairytale Lie!

  4. Well, well, what do know. The responsible gun owners in Texas is at it again. Texas is going back to the 1800s.

  5. Oh, no, double jeopardy in Texas! Prayers to the affected. Thanks for the breaking news update. #TexasStrong.

  6. Not breaking news . Violence needs to stop but it will not because there are cowards in the world . Just do what you can to spread love and compassion

  7. so nothing on that woman stabbing that child in the face in Georga but that's none of my business

  8. American shootings are like tea in Britain, it's routine, sadly.

  9. Another ordinary day in America 😒😒🙄🙄

    If you decide to shoot people , start with yourself first

  10. Any gun supporting family in the victim list???

  11. NBC = Fake News owned by conspiring enemy JEWS.

  12. Stopped for a turn signal.
    That would be half of the people with license.

  13. And all because the founding fathers couldn't write a grammatical sentence when it came to the 2nd Amendment.

  14. Well they better start doing something in Capital hill!

  15. Nation of morons! Shooting again.

  16. …9 / 11… Psyop staged by the United Terrorist Snakes ( War Criminal)& the World Elite

  17. Meanwhile donald trump promotes a war with Iran ..

  18. Why am I not surprised that this kind of thing keep happening here in this country. It has nothing to do with video games, or Mental illness. It has to do with people who just are FCKNG HATEFUL AND EVIL. There need to be a LAW ON THE BOOKS THAT MAKES IT A MANDATORY SENTENCE FOR MASS SHOOTING AND IT SHOULD BE THE DEATH PENALTY NO EXCUSES OR EXCEPTIONS!

  19. Where were all the "good guys with a gun"? Texas is supposed to have so many of them.

  20. This past week:
    1) Shot and killed = 12
    2) Shot and wounded = 48
    3) Total shootings = 60
    Where? Chicago…
    Why does the media NOT scream outrage and why don’t the soccer mommies and soy boys yell from the coffee shops? I think we all know why.
    Stats here:

  21. American Dream at its best.

  22. Does anyone even care that “the president has been briefed”

  23. America is literally GTA in real life

  24. Why did these fuckbags add the Parkinson shake to the video? Is it only okay to show the video if it is shakey and vomiting inducing?

  25. I'm no longer fazed by these shootings. It will happen again.

  26. Ok , how many people were shot and or killed in Chicago this weekend so far?

  27. please forgive him, he is not a terrorist neither a criminal, he's just a sick white man.
    that's it, he's just sick

  28. Just like the Dutch walk on wooden clogs. Good God-fearing American Christian white NRA members mass murder their fellow Americans. It is just their heritage.

  29. Another lancaster. Why isn't the mayor in jail

  30. Evil white man did it! Hate the white man! Why is it a “mass shooting” only when a white guy does it?

  31. Can't wait for the US to be all blue and become one giant gun free zone, that way people will love each other because of no more guns. No more senseless mass deaths reported by mainstream news. Only deaths with a lot of sense.

  32. Nobody:

    2 amendment right: Imma head out

  33. Mentally ill!! Don’t call him terrorist 🙃

  34. If he was a black Male they would shoot him on the spot since he's white they were try to catch him alive that why we have so many victims

  35. its only a mass shooting because a white person did it if it ant white it ant news F**KING racists.go to the hood with there blacks and these numbers ant sh*t.

  36. I envy such a free country. Everyone has the right to eat bullets and shoot people. This is the best human right.

  37. The legacy of teaching your children to hate. Teach your children that all men are created equal and should be treated equally and do unto others, as you would want them to do unto you. #reapingwhatyousow.

  38. I'm so glad thoughts and prayers will help fight gun violence

  39. One less Trump supporter to worry about.

  40. God bless USA and God bless Americans and God protects USA and Americans

  41. So many disrespectful comments here. Lives were lost ppl. This is not the place to try out your humor trying to get likes.

  42. when there is political issues they make all this bs! its all plotted!

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