Thursday , January 20 2022
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Special Report: Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Jail Cell | NBC News

Authorities have confirmed reports that accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is dead.

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Special Report: Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Jail Cell | NBC News


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  1. He is not dead. Come on people. These are people who can afford there own trip to Mars, you don't think they have enough cash to fake their own deaths? Seriously!

  2. This is fake news as fake news can get. Is there anyone left who believes the crap this people put out?

  3. If you are a Corporate News
    Junkie (CNJ) they will have you believing that Epstein committed suicide
    despite the fact that three major things failed in that story: 1) You
    need adequate materials that is a bed sheet that could hold a 200lb man
    and something to tie that sheet to. 2) You have video footage that
    failed and 3) Guards allegedly fell asleep. Then you have to realize
    that the Epstein had billions of dollars. So after paying off what was
    necessary to get him out of jail perhaps Epstein is on a secret
    Pedo-Island sipping margaritas with a newly constructed plastic surgery
    face. Or perhaps as an agent of the most powerful people on the planet
    they simply killed him to make sure that the story ended there.

  4. He looks yellow like he has liver cancer.

  5. This story will just fade away like all the others.

  6. Only a FOOL could think Epstein killed himself and that the Clintons are not the primary suspects. The Deep State and their slaves in the media, especially among the Left/Dems, expect us to be fools. Don't be a fool America, and start thinking for yourself and asking big questions about power and deception in America and the West. And the loss of moral center, and the threat to respect for fundamental freedoms of thought, speech and presumption of innocence. Or better, . . . quit social media, pick up the Gospel and read '1984' and 'Brave New World'.

  7. Get up sheep, he was murdered by the state! of course! he knew too much!


  9. Epstein is going to be resurrected to run for President.

  10. The guy on the gurney in those photos should have been doctored up a bit more, you got the nose too round the ear canal all wrong… I mean come on people you can do better!
    I guess we should just be thankful it wasn’t a computer generated image of a kid with a bowl haircut who “killed” a bunch of kids

  11. I feel so sorry for his victims this world has gone crazy we need Jesus Christ he is our only piece

  12. Secret society killed him plus there are reports out that Bill Clinton visited his pedophile Island!! They hushed him up!

  13. trump ordered assassination of epstein.
    just like seth rich.
    forever silenced.

  14. He used his underwear to hang himself from 3ft


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