Tuesday , September 29 2020
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Special Report: Trump Makes Statement On Syria | NBC News

President Trump makes a statement from the White House on the administration’s Syria policy.
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Special Report: Trump Makes Statement On Syria | NBC News


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  1. Tribes in the Middle East have been killing each other for thousand of years. Thank God the US is leaving let the better man win.

  2. Everything George Stephanopoulos stated right after Trump spoke was a total freaking LIE.

    The media– MSM is not on our side. They NEVER have been. Media has lied to us well BEFORE TRUMP.

    Weve heard our ENTIRE lives that the media/Press is here to report truth to the public. So many of us were programmed to believe it.

    90% of television news MSM is LIES.

    Proof– look up on YT (AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE MEDIA) by Douglas Gabriel

    Find video under their name — Dianne Feinstein owns AVID TELEPROMPTERS. SHE and husband control every word you hear on MSM news.

    Total propaganda. Remember the story about her Chinese spy driver?? True. He had full control of classified info.

  3. Mr President Donald Trump is the best please trusting him, importing keep environment good and protect people not making war, prepare bad Communism and dictator expand to harm the world special China dangerous to people. God Bless Donald Trump and American to build the World beautiful. Amen

  4. Yes…..after 8 hours of negociatios with Putin…….

  5. As a conservative Democrat who voted for President Trump, I agree that after 8-years after failed regime change, it’s time to come home.

    The agreement achieved by the Trump Administration, including the original 5-day ceasefire negotiated last week, has helped save lives and allow the Kurds to safely leave affected areas. These actions will help secure a more peaceful and stable border between Turkey and Syria. Ultimately, however, responsibility rests with those countries. shame on NBC bias liberal fake news for reporting lies and untrue information about what’s going on in middle East. If you want to continue that useless war you lying NBC reporters and warmonger democrats go over there and fight and die and come back in a coffin. I bet you spineless wimps will never do it. Go pedal your fake news to Kool-Aid drinking liberals I don’t buy it. God bless Trump and our brave military. 🇺🇸👍

  6. Remember when he said he was the fittest president ever? The dude can hardly breathe when talking!


  8. I am so glad that I live in the United States of America, the last president and present president have nearly doubled our debt.

    Mark my words we are headed for World War 3.

  9. A great president, peacemaker.

  10. I have to love the NBC guy who after his speech said "…everything else I think is going to take some reporting to try figure out what happened, what was actually said by the General in Syria". see: 1:00:48 mark of the video. When he first said that I thought he meant President Trump. After all, it was President Trump who just gave the speech, and my thought was, you just saw his speech. You can report on what he said. But I assume he's looking for the spin on what he can have NBC officially for him. Or what is the DNC spokesperson going to think of what happened. I am also wondering if he's allowed to think for himself on live TV. That's the way it came across until I heard the 3rd time repeating the video that he said the General in Syria.

  11. I smell Nobel Peace Prize. Nancy you can come home now Donald he's got this. And stop acting like the president you're only the house speaker third in line

  12. This guy really believes this c

  13. American media is a joke. They will side with the devil to bring trump down if necessary. Sdf and pkk are Marxist militias. They have close ties with Russia since 80's. Just to make Trump look bad they are being treated as heroes. Unbelievable.

  14. Thank goodness we have a president who is ending these never-ending wars, where we lose billions and thousands of American lives. The billions should be better used fixing our infrastructure. Now we'll keep our nose out of other people's wars. Liberal writer and thinker also said we have no business being involved in other people's endless wars.

  15. The Republican Party is now fine with a President that looks to Russia Oligarchs for guidance and trusts them more than our justice department. What happened to that party?

  16. Trumps boss is now large and in charge ! MAGA !

  17. Yay, Trump wins again suckers!
    BTW, does any of you care about Syria? Kurds?
    Trump 2020 will be a landslide, enjoy 4 more years losers~

  18. No matter what you say about trump,HE WILL STILL GET RE ELECTED 😂😂😂 NO ONE CAN STOP THE TRUMP TRAIN😎

  19. I wonder what the rest of the world is saying about the US at this moment

  20. How dumb will all you libral sheep feel when all the facts come out and all your feelings are determined false? Wake up! Remember, the internet never forgets! Your children and grandchildren will be ashamed of you! #MAGA

  21. You two sound like you're gossiping…Not a whole lot of facts. Just a lot of assuming.. Why can't someone out there in News land state just the facts and allow us American people to come to our own decisions…What happened to journalism??

  22. Hes going to the penetiary regardless.

  23. What about the hundreds of Kurds who he allowed to be murdered already? He's so inept that he's given Russia a free hand in Syria! He tried to give them free rein in Ukraine also, but he got caught!

  24. Trump's only loyalty is to himself. He will even run over his supporters.
    (That means you.)

  25. That is it Games over , that's Mr Trump , I love you for your work and the rest of your Administration members .

  26. Is he on coke? I see that comment often on Twitter and on youtube. 🦄🤷

  27. NBC…Try leaving your assumptions and innuendos to yourself…You are turning into FAKE NEWS along with CNN and MSNBC…This conversation you're having while waiting for President Trump to make his statement on Syria is ridiculous and not true at all…

  28. What about the blood stains on your hands, you should locked up and tried for war crimes. shameful

  29. This is our President Trump, a man of uncommon valor and matchless
    endurance!, a leader among leaders, that leads with the wisdom of the
    least common of the human senses, “the common sense” TRUMP 2020

  30. This is our President Trump, a man of uncommon valor and matchless
    endurance!, a leader among leaders, that leads with the wisdom of the
    least common of the human senses, “the common sense” TRUMP 2020

  31. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP🇺🇸♥️…..for pulling our troops out of the middle east. I don't believe our forefathers….had Globalization….in mind…in the name of FREEDOM…. by OCCUPYING …other countries LANDS. PROUD OF YOU 🇺🇸♥️FOR HAVING THE GUTS…. THAT THESE OTHER. "WISHY WASHY" PRESIDENTS. …HAVE NOT.

  32. Smart Move Mr Trump ., 👍👍👍👍👍the Middle East has been and always will be the world trouble ( Terrorism ) and they are like babies they fire the trouble and the whole world are hiding behind Americans like chickens and what Americans have to Do ?!! Is to sacrifice their money , solders for What ?!! For sick Middle East conflict which will never end . Smart move Mr Trump , yes it is You are brave and genius !!! I know you are well qualified to lead , I will congratulate you in Advance for Soon Next 4 years at the Office . You Mr Trump Respect yourself and America under your Arms they Get Credited because of your effort . This make you well Respected worldwide

  33. All Republicans share the burden of this crime!

    It's like a game to these Republicans. In fact, their tactics are EXACTLY the same as a game. As a last ditched effort to distract the American public from what is being uncovered and getting to their "boss", Republicans are now trying to disrupt the inquiry…just like you would see the closer you get to the boss in any game.

    The difference is, THIS IS NOT A GAME! America is done with this mob boss. Impeachment is the only way to rid ourselves of this disaster.

  34. I definitely see trump having a shrine to President Obama like Helga in Hey Arnold. He talks about him like he prays to him everyday. He shows his insecurities every time he says his name. What a little bih lol


  36. Liar liar trump is a liar

  37. Trump is racist he is a sellout white nationalist SCUM

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